Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


I started watching Viki in 2016 after DramaFever bit the dust. I subscribed in 2017. When “lockdown” started in New York in 2020, I had a loooooot of time on my hands and started binge watching Viki shows. I literally structured my day around some of them.

It was the start of this year that I ventured onto the discussion board. I didn’t start working on subbing until Be Together with @worthyromance serving as a really astute mentor.


It started airing June 28th, 2021, so a bit less than 5 months. As I said, I hope all continues rosy for you. :rose: :rose: :rose:


Well, you’ve been more than helpful and encouraging. I imagine that, if I ever get my act together enough to be allowed in to sub with the big kids, I will have a few experiences. But as Viki’s oldest maknae, I have the kimchi slap at my disposal.


As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to try a kimchi recipe for beginners. My goal was to have it ready for US Thanksgiving, but life has a way of saying, “No, not yet!”



What about for ppl who aren’t exactly rookies but are returning volunteers after years of inactivity?

How do cm’s & mods decide whether or not to trust them? Are their past projects and credentials any good as proof of dedication?

Asking for myself. :sweat_smile:


They may well be, only that after December their past contributions won’t even be visible.


Thank you for replying! I hope to contribute but most projects require QC status. Which I do have Gold QC, just that it’s expired due to no activity for years.


I think that as long as you have a solid application and your past contributions show on your profile (after December, individual subtitles don’t be but it will be evident you did do some work) you should be good. If you apply before December, it’s even better since there are also subtitles to show. I think most of us volunteers do understand the pressure of real life taking over.

Plus, the only thing I could think of that may impact you negatively after a break, is being one of those mods with many unfinished projects. If one of them came back, the projects were still unfinished, and they asked for more, then yeah I personally wouldn’t trust them. But I see no other reason to distrust someone because of a break!

Good luck with your application and welcome back! :blush:


Thank you for your kind encouragement! I don’t mind starting from the beginning again. It’s good to be back. :smile:


There’s evidence that the person above again managed to join various dramas as subtitler, moderator and English editor (lol). Even a recent KDrama. The subs are obviously taken from other videos or directly from Deepl and Google Translator. Like French subs mixing up vouz/tu all the time, Google-Korean and subs stolen from other streaming sites.
The “most successful” account again made up some story about being a Korean teacher studying whatever in South America. It’s such a typical story by that person, considering that I last received an application as TE from someone claiming to be a salesperson of Samsung that works in Czechia. Whatever…

Therefore, it remains to be essential to “test” people appropriately and find out about their capabilities.


Aishhhhhh I got some requests out of the blue asking to be English editors and segmenters for dramas already translated. No ninja academy what so ever and all familiar to me. Aside from a profile asking me what language do I need for a drama. Like the person knows all the languages in the world and I could just name one.


Well, I’d be surprised if someone who translates into Spanish suddenly wants to do Chinese (or Korean). Just like an English Editor for Thai subbing Welsh. It’s all one person anyway, but I find it kind of funny how many obstacles some native English speakers face, while others just become TE for a language they obviously don’t know. :thinking:
On the other hand, I’m not as surprised after considering the amount of people telling me “oh, I never looked up their profile”. :woman_shrugging:

I received something like this before:
“it’s a great pleasure to write it! I would love to help you with English Subs in XXX. I would really love to help like GE or TE, I know LanguageX. I’m Korean, I studied LanguageX 7 months ago, it’s advanced, I’m not fluent but I know a lot lol, I’m always upgrading my LanguageX so it’s easy for me.”
It’s obvious that the English doesn’t meet the standards. Furthermore, I’m not sure about the language part, maybe it was intended to state that they learned a language for 7 months. I think after 7 months of 8 hours Japanese per week, I knew how to write some short introduction + 100 kanjis or something. Basically, that’s not much.


I remember someone wrote in their about me that they’re living in Mexico and teaching Korean in that country; however, I forgot the username, and perfectly fits your description.

There’s another one, and this person is kind enough to come back with the same username again and again, so it’s easy to spot them.


It’s safe to assume that it’s usually the very same person. Currently they sub lots of Spanish too, but I had no time to retrieve the evidence yet. Just the profile made me suspicious and there are some accounts I didn’t check yet. Dunno what’s the point, but there are quite a lot of these multiaccounts.


Maybe to amass a large number of projects without looking as a hoarder?


On the other hand there are more intelligent ways to succeed, even if I translate without knowing the language. Someone subs Spanish by copying everything from deepl and nobody noticed. Why go for Chinese and French suddenly where the translator works worse for many reasons. That seems off :rofl:
I mean, in general translators are one of many tools that can be helpful to find the best solution or check your own comprehension, but just copying is indeed prohibited for good reasons.


A user with 0 subs is added a Telugu moderator, on a very famous channel.
Can I message the cm ?

Just found out that she is not active and the cm is aware of it and yet she didn’t remove her.
May be she added the mod without checking the profile.


I guess I know which channel you’re talking about. The user didn’t even make a single subtitle in past 1 year. So… I think it’s okay to message the CM.


It’s not 1 year, coz as far as I know in may this year there is no TELUGU moderator on that channel


I think is just to have a backup for when one gets deleted by Viki.


I have a suggestion! Let’s create a topic. In which we will post a link to abandoned projects. Where there will be the name of the drama, a link to the page of the user who abandoned the project and the language of translation. If it is not translated within a month, we will make a link. If there are people who want to do it, they can finish it. Well, those who have not completed work to the end, just do not take on new projects! These people will not be in demand.