Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


Viki frowns upon revealing the users who are not doing the best job. Goes against the “don’t dissuade anyone from contributing” policy.

Also, CMs would have to be involved in this and not all might play along.

It’s a good thought. Just that the execution needs a bit of tweaking.


There is no need to make adjustments to the software. We can create the topic ourselves and, if there are such people, publish . Even that person can be warned by writing them a letter. I, for example, will look at this list and not take such a person into the project.


It’s no problem if you make a list for yourself with which subbers are great to work with and which not so much. Viki doesn’t want a public list of ‘incompetent’ subbers, because it’s against its policy of public shaming and discouraging them from improving.
Some subbers are abusers, some subbbers genuinely think their way of subbing is correct. It can be because of lack of experience or lack of knowledge. If they are willing to learn, they should get a chance to improve and becoming valuable to a team.
The only thing we can do is selecting the subbers we think are competent enough to join our teams and be as honest as possible if cm’s/other moderators ask about other subbers’ qualities in our language.


But what was discussed above was moderators who abandon projects. That’s a wholly different pair of sleeves. It doesn’t mean their skills are bad, only that they are not active. And that may happen for very valid reasons. Maybe they had an accident and are in a coma right now (touch wood!) or died (touch wood again!).
Some, of course, are fully active on other projects and have just “forgotten” about that one.

So just a neutral list without any judgement. This project in this language was last touched on Month X Year Y.


I just discovered that all the fake accounts we were discussing about were deleted. I mean, all of them. Either Viki did it or the person behind the accounts.


It’s Viki. I’ve got news and I believe this problem will soon be over. Thank God! This nightmare is coming to an end.


I guess not


Why not if the accounts are deleted?


Why do you say that?


If the person is so desperate, we can’t do anything, the user already gave a comeback with another account.


Did it sent you a message? How do you know?


I messaged you personally


I’m definitely slow finding out about this thread… but I’ll try to make this short.

First off, I totally know the person we are talking about… I’ve been burned so many times that I’m like Cerejacult… don’t trust anyone!

That being said… CMs and new CMs need to be prudent in choosing their moderator staff. It’s so easy to look at page and find people who have contributed for years. I do NOT trust anyone who has over 50,000 subs in less than a month. CMs really need to pay attention to who they are adding to teams. Also, once you get a language moderator, THEY SHOULD FIND THEIR TEAM, not the CM. Language moderators know who is diligent and who speaks their languages fluently. Sorry, but if I get a request to join my team and they can’t write to me in proper English (to be an editor)… you will be scratched off my list fast. CMs and other language moderators have no clue about who knows the other language better than the one they already know.

I can read, write, speak Spanish (living in South Texas will do that to you) but it’s not my first language and you will never see me as a Spanish subber or moderator… So why do so many people go to other languages to sub when they should stick with their first language. Viki is NOT a place to test your skills as a subber, editor, or whatever.

So if someone asks me to join the Indonesian team, I’ll send them that moderator. There are simple things that can be done to keep “trolls” and those testing their language to join teams

Don’t trust anyone… or send them to someone you do trust who knows the language they are applying for. If we all help each other out, less damage will be caused.

This is probably a whole lot of rambling here but so many thoughts coursing through my brain at once.


There are at least 2-3 new accounts, and they sent a message to someone and were outraged. Oh well, I think they want to be caught anyway.
At the same time, there are some other accounts that translate by Deepl only (I don’t know if it’s the same person as one of them, e.g., at least adjusts the gender/formality level, but it’s still the very same text).


I agree with everything you say. CMs and Moderators need to be more prudent while accepting people. However, they don’t. A person with no subs is added as a moderator just like that. Viki system should have some lock to avoid this from happening. There should be warnings to CMs who add mods with no subs at all. Or at least they shouldn’t be trusted with new channels anymore. It’s frustrating to have this happening all the time and we can’t do anything. CMs don’t reply, don’t do anything, don’t care, etc.


Recently, said person is back to subbing Dutch etc. So I received an application, rejected it (and she was already removed from another project where she used Deepl and then was added back to it and removed again… whatever) by telling them it’s obvious. Then I received a reply “Who’s XY I don’t know them?” About 20 min later the person sent me another application with her well-known name (XY) for another language. :woman_shrugging: must be bored.


I noticed, too. I think I messaged about 4 CMs this morning about it because I saw the person was subtitling into Dutch on shows without a Dutch moderator. They even applied to the Dutch Subtitling Academy! I don’t understand how someone non-native could even think we wouldn’t notice.


I suppose said person wants to be caught. Maybe I’m overestimating humanity, but who would apply for 5 languages with the same followers, avatars, and methods 20 times with a new account and think they wouldn’t be noticed?


Please be aware of these kind of applications,
They are recreating the project finder application.
On yumi’s cells there’s another moderator with me, that person didn’t know about that and send me this application.
Typo in the subject line and the details doesn’t match at all and she created a new account.
And she told that, she lied because some people are not accepting profiles with 0 experience.

This is the real project finder application.
The first one is recreated one.

She had multiple accounts and as the limit for a subber to apply to 3 projects per day is exceeded. She is faking the applications.


Woah! The first one’s message title has “cell’s” in it.
I can’t believe people are ready to do such things. For what? It’s not like Viki will pay them lol.