Glass Mask Episodes

Some of the subtitles are not 100% completed. Can this be fixed?

Usually the best way to encourage a team to start again is to write to the Channel Manager or English moderators. But in this case it seems that they have all given up.
I went in and saw that the last Korean-English subtitling activity was on April 2013. Since then, 3 years ago there was some Chinese subtitling, two years ago some Hebrew, then some Spanish and a year ago some Vietnamese. But no Korean-English subber has come back to complete the missing subs.
Actually they are not many. Most of the episodes are at more than 91%, only a couple are at 86%. Probably the existing subbers didn’t know the translation to those. Or the ones missing may be only preview and recap or OST, I don’t know.
If you want to write to them, here are their names:
Channel Manager is sakibashi
But he or she really has moved on. Even the cover page has never been updated, it still says that episodes 30-122 need to be subbed, whereas in reality they are all done (almost).

English moderators:
briarlee who was last active 2 years ago,
alliecat118, last active here 3 years ago,
lazarini and sofiya399, who also seem to have forgotten all about it.

The drama’s landing page

In my opinion your best bet is to make do with what there is. You are fortunate that it’s complete, at least you won’t be left hanging, not knowing how it ends.

( I watched a couple of minutes of the finale and timed comments were all “What a waste of my time” “Remind me never to watch anything by this writer and director again” “What a shitty ending” “HORRIBLE ending” and so on. Ha ha!)


You can be a life-saver, you know. :slight_smile:


Spoiler !

Those viewers are disappointed, because the drama has not that great kiss in the last episode, as many of them wished and they hoped for more punishment of the “bad guys”. The last 20 episodes are dragging und the female lead is sometimes annoying naive. She could forgive her sister, which infuriates many viewers.

But overall this is a great drama with a suspenseful revenge plot!

So it’s a good thing that the team at least finished it, even with some omissions. There are so many long dramas which never get finished.

The best way is for you to recruit and resurrect it. @irmar did this for her beloved drama specials. I am not sure if current CM is active. If s/he was not active for 6 months or more contact viki directly they will award you the channel.

The CM is active on viki. Just not on this show. The English team has stopped working on it three years ago or more (I didn’t have the patience to search further in Activities)
And m3lodramatic is not really a volunteer. He has done a total of 4 subtitles (in Tamil) and 10 segments, all this 2 years ago, and not as a member of any team.
I take it that he is a loyal viki member with vikipass who enjoys watching shows.

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i hope your problem gets resolved. i also tried to start a conversation about unfinished shows and was called names and accussed of dissing viki workers and basically told to shut up, quit bitching and be sastisfied with what i get because subbers are volunteers and don’t have to finish if they dont want to. good luck though and do what i do now which is to check all the episodes before i start watching to make sure i dont get left hanging with no closure. on a footnote not though i would like to pont out that in one very nice case i mentioned about a show missing the last 2 episode subtitles and someone was nice enough to message me back that they were now complete and i was able to start watching the show.