Goblin the lonely god

this story is so fantastic! has 2 more episodes to finish, they have a lot to get into these last 2.
ok, a question here if anyone has watched that is;

has anyone noticed red? those are signs for something, maybe I am weird… note 6th sense with its hints in red, so I am wondering if this is hints or am I looking at something that isn’t there?
that red refrigerator sticks out like a sore thumb, a red door, a red car, thats just a couple. again am I looking for something that isnt there?

the actors & actresses were awesome. they ( writers) have a lot to put in these last 2 episodes! so much emotions! yeah! so I want to see them all end up happy with each other. this is such a good drama!

I’m not sure red is a symbol here.

It’s indeed a colour full of mythical and cultural connotations. The vegetables’ lady wears it from top to toe. The drama itself is packed with lore.

On the other hand, red is a very good choice for a focus color in a drama that uses a wide range of full and vivid colors in setting decorations.

(please, no spoilers, some of us still haven’t seen the last episodes :slight_smile: )

oh no spoilers here! I havent seen them either! and thank you for that info about red, yeah mythical. it just struck me as odd is all. again thanks

Oh, that is an excellent point, @marygrether1_gmail_c! Colors are very pronuounced in this series and they have an important role in the general gloomy feeling that spans the drama.

As a base you’ve got the “Goblin” colors - washed out blues, turquoise and greys representing the heaviness, depression and aimlessness of Goblin’s life. I’m a visual creature, so the following scene in particular I found very obvious. Deok Hwa stole the words out of my mouth. Be it the walls, or the mist surrounding the Goblin, or his clothes or the sea or the rain, natural blues are always there.

On the other hand, Ji Eun Tak, the bride, is the light in his depression. In every Goblin’s contemplation about her, she is lit with hazy sunshine.

Finally the red. My own opinion is that it gives us the subconscious understanding of pending danger and destiny / doom. The mysterious goddess is always dressed in red. Ji Eun’s scarf is huge and dominantly red. The best example of red being scattered everywhere on the blue canvass of the show is this composite under.


yeah the red dress and the scarf, I forgot those! danger is near. mysterious for sure. and the mistyness yeah anyway thanks for thopse ideas about colors. still a great story!

yeah the red dress and the scarf, I forgot those two, impending danger, thanks for the ideas about colors. still a great story

finished watching last 3 episodes. no spoiler per anyone that hasn’t watched. all I can say tear jerker ,awesome, not crazy how it ended BUT it had to be that way. be cool if a second season

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I was surprised and thrilled by original plot inventions, sudden but meaningfull plot twists and nicely done character backgrounds. I laughed a lot with the funny lines and the directing choices. I loved the cinematography.

However, I wish this drama were at least one episode shorter, with 50% of the crying scenes and the crying flashback scenes. Some scenes treated the viewer as a retarded person with no perception of human feelings.

Also, I must say I didn’t find the main couple believable at all, even for a moment. I just couldn’t see the sparkles. Not even admiration or adoration. They did their best as actors but they were really mismatched and tiring. Like they were acting on different sets. The second love story was way more believable and well acted.


While I like both of them, I can’t help but agree they are quite mismatched. I tried to ‘accept the pairing’ but… A real pity for a script so good, and an overall awesome casting as well. PDnim did an awesome job too.

Still a very entertaining and interesting plot and script. I guess the bromance of GY and LDW is and has been the highlight for me thus far, all because of the pairing of the main OTP.

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With Gong Yoo and LDW in it? I’d love that :wink:

I wasn’t amazed by “Ji Eun Tak”. She couldn’t convey pain and despair with her face and body, only with sobs and tears. I didn’t see a young and bright woman with a fated love and a scythe over her head.


In episode 15 (?) we spent the first 26 minutes watching the Goblin dying and the Bride crying. It was too much. It was exhausting.

I only endured the endless crying and sobbing of the mismatched lead couple for the genuinely funny and believable bromance and the amazing pairing (just great chemistry) and acting of the King and the Queen.

I had high hopes, but I leave with mixed feelings.