Good News! Another drama from DF is coming to Viki!

Remember Goblin? This drama was from Dramafever (when still existed) and Viki just for Europe? Well, is coming to Viki tomorrow!!!


Not really. It’s the exact same drama with the exact same video source that’s already been available on Viki for years. They simply changed the name to a ridiculously long one probably to avoid any legal issues. It’s doesn’t matter. I’m glad that U.S. viewers will finally get to enjoy it without the need of a VPN.

@angelight313_168 I know you wanted to watch this. Here’s your chance if you haven’t already.

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even now I don´t get the goblin hype .__. xD

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For real? I hope is true bc I judged the drama based on bits and pieces I was able to see at another site. Now if I see the big picture maybe my opinion about the girl’s ‘‘cold’’ acting will change. I love Gong Yoo and most of his dramas-movies, and I love it even more when the girl has good chemistry with him.

Thank you so much. BTW, I’m watching PERFUME and like the drama a lot. Can you see that one too? I know some restriction prevent us all from seeing certain dramas but I hope you can see that one bc is so funny.

PS. The drama that is getting me frustrated from anxiously waiting to see is THE WATER GOD. I went to so many places and all I can see is bits and pieces with poor quality. Worst yet, I was given a site and the darn thing only had the first full 4 episodes. That makes me even more anxious bc I need closure hahaha not even NTFX, Tu*y or P**me has it. :cry:

perfume is restricted here in germany, so i quess in the whole europe?


For your neighbors in The Netherlands too. Ohh well I hope by the time I have time to watch it Viki will have a European license too or at least a QC license


@teufelchen_netty_266 @dudie

I hope so, too, I’m picky with dramas and this one got my attention bc is a different kind and at times very funny drama. Laughter is the best medicine so I enjoy dramas that make me laugh.


From what I understand, you can check it out tomorrow under Guardian: The Lonely and Great God a.k.a Goblin. Maybe they’ll do the same with Bride of the Water God.

Umm… Perfume is restricted on Viki for European viewers, but I can watch it on KBS World. Thank you for the recommendation. :grin:


all righty now!! Bring it on!!

My very first asian drama was Bride of the WaterGod. My second asian drama was Goblin.
I recommend them both.

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Can you please tell me, where did you see Bride of Water God? Thanks.

bride of the water god was so…
no droped it and watched another drama

I don’t remember but it was one of those free streaming sites like putlockers.

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Is it me or they added episodes to ‘‘Goblin?’’

Is not there yet, so I’ll be watching PERFUME for the time being.

I hate when they add episodes to dramas bc they just drag…sigh

The series was and is known by both names.

The story goes that the original Korean word deokkaebi didn’t have a good translation into English, as this type of a mythical creature is specific for Asia. So the translation into goblin, which means something completely different for Westerners, didn’t sit very well with the Koreans as it would mislead the viewers greatly. So, they insisted the official English name of the show would be Guardian-la-la-la. The new name had been adopted by other websites, but not Viki, who had already made a channel for the show months before its emitting, using the working title Goblin.

I’m really happy American viewers can watch Goblin again :slight_smile:


Finally!!! Some of the Arabic team members was using a VPN to help translate it. Now we can work on it properly.

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yeah it’s here but learn mode won’t turn OFF. at least on my laptop.

I just want to relax and enjoy the show, not the distraction of my brain trying to figure out the Korean characters along with hearing and trying to watch English.

I checked around. I can turn them off on other ones - so this is rather unfortunate.

if I could turn off learn mode here, on Goblin - it would be a really awesome day. :slight_smile:

I don’t get the hype either. There’s a few of us who thought the drama was boring to the extreme.