[Googlesheet] Make your contact list on Viki



Concatenate	link 2 texts  =concatenate(1st part;2nd part)
Substitute	Substitute text with another =substitute (reference text;word you want to subtitute;new word)
Unique	only show cells without duplicates =unique(first cell of a list : final cell of list)
Vlookup	Search in a column the same text = vlookup (the word you're looking for; the list/table where you want to search this word; the n° column of the list/table it's going to show as results; false for a definitive answer)
Counta	count cells with values inside =counta(your cell ranges which you want to count values)
Lower	without caps =lower(cell)
Mid	        only show a few words =mid(reference text; the position n° of the letter/word you want to extract; the number of letters you want to extract)


-Paste a list of usernames in a google doc first “Paste values”
-Copy paste in the googlesheet, select “split text in columns” (pick the seperator).
-Cut paste special “Paste transposed” (list of usernames in many columns => list of usernames in 1 column)

**Docs in the video (can't modify but can copy):** https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s_DtrHDNTW1BWOfF7AXv-KubIXdgpn4nHka5l_uncCI/edit#gid=1377383641 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HTHVuOMOg8NZyijYK62HJe4RhngBGFQi-JXtlyO6sQ4/edit#gid=0

It needs improvement, feel free to build a better one, modify it, make a macro (I don’t know) :slight_smile:


I’ve just discovered that we can send 1 message to multiple people at the same time in our Viki mailbox :poop: dumb and dumber!

  1. Copy the column “Username” of your list or copy directly usernames from a cover.

  1. Paste in “Recipient’s username” on Viki (no need to add commas between each username normally but if we put a comma, it’s still sending / same if there is more than 1 space between each username, it’s still sending)

  1. Paste your message and send it.

-if the user changed its username or 2 usernames are glued to each other (so the compact username doesn’t exist), an error message appears, saying that the username “X” doesn’t exist => remove the wrong username or write it correctly to be able to send your message.

-I don’t know the maximum of usernames we can write in “Recipient’s username” (max characters or max recipients?)


hehehe I see my name.
Yeah when I found out we could send to multiple people at once (I think I found out a couple of weeks ago), I was so happy :smiley:

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You discovered just now that you can send messages to multiple people in one go? Poor you! If I knew you didn’t know I would have told you years ago.

And if you want to PM your whole team you can use the manager tool to send a message to all your team it will end up in their inbox then and not notifications. Please note though that there is a bug for years already so you cannot use it for notifying a subbing team in a certain language. If you send it to subbers it will be send too all subbers from whatever language.

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This bug is fixed for me. If I choose to send the message to my Greek subbers team only them get this message.

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V helpful
Thank you so much

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Thanks for your post, it helped me a lot! I was looking for it.

So do I write the usernames with spaces in between? Is that it?

You write it like this user1, user2, user3 and so on. Sometimes the system is picky and then it sometimes helps to write without a space like user1,user2,user3. But usually just copy pasting names from the wall (seggers and ko-eng subbers) works fine. If there is a problem you will get an error or you get an automated message from Viki telling you to which users the message couldn’t be delivered.

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Yup, with spaces like:
Tweet998 piranna blablabla

The context was to send 1 group message to many people that I don’t know, not having to click on each ppl’s message box. That was for recruitment, I didn’t want later to relook in cover pages to find ppl contact.

Using cover pages names:
-without having to spend much time to copy paste each name in pm system,
-without sending spam to the same volunteer,
-and at the same time making a contact list to use and re-use (from the username, it would generate directly the profile url in the contact list and this without having to write the url).

-1 tab = 1 language for ex

(It can also works with commas like Dudie said or semi-colons:
Tweet998, piranna, blablabla
Tweet998 , piranna , blablabla
Tweet998; piranna; blablabla
Tweet998 ; piranna ; blablabla

It doesn’t work with - / _ : after trying them.)

Happy festive season :partying_face:

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