Greek hunks: creating a Greek hallyu wave to get out of the financial crisis

The Korean government purposely decided to use cultural export as a means to development.
You should read a fascinating book, Hong Euny - The Birth of Korean Cool (2014)
If you want I can send you a link.
I think Greek men are not lacking in any way. Plus we have the beaches to showcase their abs in. Double win. We also have great singers and actors who are good-looking. (In the picture, Mario Frangoulis)
And here is a gallery of young Greek contemporary singers, actors, TV hosts and models. No idea if they are any good, I have chosen them only for their looks. As you can see, in Greece we don’t favour the androgynous flower boy look too much.

Yorgos Sambanis:
Konstantinos Argyros
Yorgos Papadopoulos
Kostas Martakis
Myron Stratis
Alex Kavvadias
Thodoros Marandinis
Loukas Yorkas

Ilias Vrettos - ex athlete, singer and radio show host

(again, chosen solely on looks)

Valentinos Tsiloglou

Nikolas Bravos

Ilias Vamvakousis

Dimitris Goutzamanis

Antinoos Albanis

Stavros Svingos

Minos Theoharis

Haris Tzortzakis
Ok, here’s his face too:

Apostolis Totsikas


Dimitris Alexandrou is a model and TV show host

Stefanos Milatos - model, dancer, TV host

Nikos Papadakis - model, winter swimmer

Stelios Niakaris - international male model

Yannis Bahos


I know they did it with a plan, that’s why I mentioned it. But please send me the link, I’d like to read more on the subject.

How good you leave Sakis out of this is beyond me, tsk tsk tsk…

As body goes, he’s still going strong. But his face is a bit mediocre now, so I thought that he would not impress international audiences. But ok, here goes
Sakis Rouvas (ex teen idol, he’s in his 40’s now, he even married a woman and had kids)

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Someone’s bias is Marios, I see…

Sakis’ abs would do all the work. Άσε που ποτέ δεν ξέρεις τι βίτσια έχει ο κόσμος, maybe they’ll call him daddy. We just need a good photo.

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Κοίτα να δεις που δε μ’αρέσει σχεδόν κανένας από τους νέους, ή εγώ γέρασα ή έχουν αλλάξει τα γούστα.

As for Marios, yes, I do admire him a lot as an artist and as a person. He’s also a family friend, my mother and I wrote a book about him.

I guess you don’t mind if I Google you now, do you?..

ha ha… You really have nothing better to do, do you? andαρχείο/item/9262-μαθήματα-aνατολίτικου-xορού-oriental-με-την-ιρένε-μαραντέϊ

Ε ΠΟΤΕ!!! :open_mouth:

Γι’αυτό μου είσαι τόσο άνετη με τα idols, μεγάλωσες μέσα στο σταρ σύστεμ, χαχαχαχα

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Λέω να βάλεις στον τίτλο …to get out of the IMF για να μη μας πουν και τρελές. :stuck_out_tongue:

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