Grey bars instead of black when watching movies on viki

Hey Everyone ,
I have noticed now that whatever device i use excluding desktop apps show movies with pure grey boarders instead of black funny enough this only happens on movie content not shows shows are normal anyone else experience this

Yeah it’s the same here but on TV content (I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie on Viki). For example the current show Romance of Twin Flower has the grey bars, it’s been the same on some other shows over the past few months too.

It’s not device specific either as it happens on Nvidia Shield, LG TVs app on WebOS and on my android tablet.

yeah seems to be about the time they switched the kind of sucky new player I just want them to fix it because it is super off putting and Kind of ruins the entire expertise.

This is still very much an issue

Still an issue. Makes some shows unwatchable on oled tvs