Guess the Drama


Hi all! I would like to play a game with y’all. In short, you come up with three sentences to describe a drama. Everyone else has to guess which drama you picked. I think this would be funny because there are a few dramas that has similar plots.
I will pick something most people should get.


  1. The Guy main lead is full of himself, and very self absorbed.
  2. The girl main lead is exceptional at her job.
    3.The Guy says, “______, will let you marry me.”


That’s really though bc they all resemble 80% of the dramas I watched so far. The list of the ones I think follow this would be so long hahahaha. It’s a great idea and fun too, but is too narrow on such a broad amount of dramas like that. May I suggest that maybe if you add something more like the year? Is not like the show a drama once a month with many similarities. We can have several dramas in a month with similar story plot (which I hate by the way lol). knowing the year may narrow the options, and make it easier for us to guess the ones you chose/is in your mind.


What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?
I will just give it a shot, I only saw it once and as mentioned in the former comment … There are so many of them …


I had the same answer as Secretary Kim, but Suspicious Partner was very efficient too. So when do we get an answer? lol

Oops all 3 were clues to the same drama? So SP does not fall into this category. I thought each number was to guess a different drama. My bad…:flushed:


Haha, Yeah that is the one.


Next Drama:
1.A man has the power to stop time.
2.He uses it to steal things.
3.The female lead is the only one unaffected by his powers.


LOL I know, but I won’t tell leaving it for someone else. Have not watched it, but it is a quite unique story setting, so …
Someone else will have to make a guess.


Well, I recommend it. The first episode is a bit weird but there are some pretty funny scenes.


Well, I have a problem with the male lead ever since he “acted” in We Got Married unless I have gone out of watch material, I might skip it.


That is understandable. I don’t think I have watched, “We got married.” I take it that the show isn’t that great?


Goblin? but I don’t remember him stealing things :grimacing:
Lemme try:

  1. A man likes dressing in black and snooping around
  2. A woman loves two personalities of the same man
  3. A photograph gets incredible amounts of screen time


Nice guess, I actually meant the show, “When time stopped.” I am loving this game already. There are so many dramas with similar plots.
My guess for yours is… “Hyde Jekyll, Me.” Haha, this is so hard.


this at Viki is from 2012, but back then it was 2008 the first season.
It was entertaining but sometimes weird, anyway I guess you can still find a lot of clips online looking for the Lettuce Couple.


nope, not that one :sweat_smile: I tried to make it as easily hard as possible by stating a fact that is true but you usually wouldn’t frame it that way when describing the drama, so that’s a hint lol


Oh cool, Thank you.


I haven’t watched it either, but because of the well done “about” summary, you get the feels you’ve watched it, in the Tale of the Nine Tail Fox, the female was unaffected, but not because the main plot was about the fox stealing.


LOL I have not watched that either, so I don’t know what you are talking about, but, well it doesn’t matter, I guess over the years I watched my fair share of drama, so it’s not that hard anymore to not watch one or two …
Summary? You mean the synopsis? I don’t read them on Viki or not for 95%, because the license holder seem to want to give it all away in 10 sentences and I want some surprise in drama and on other examples you wonder what drama they are talking about because the synopsis doesn’t fit the drama at all.


Another clue?


the main leads are connected from childhood


Haha, that helps not really