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Joining in!

Love this kind of topic, had a hair dye disaster a few years ago which made me look up a lot about what’s good for the hair in an attempt to save it. Especially my scalp was having a hard time. Got totally hooked on the subject after that.

I’ve tried so many different alternative ways of washing and caring for my hair (baking soda washing, egg washing, birch leaf washing, rye flour washing, conditioner washing, SLS-free washing, all kinds of different oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments, vinegar rinse, etc etc…), I went a bit crazy with it for a while, lol. I recognize and have tried many of the things mentioned here, except ayurvedic herbs, which I’d like to try, but haven’t gotten too yet.

My hair is slightly wavy, with fine strands but with a thick growth. If anyone knows about curl indexes, then I’m a 2A. My hair can’t handle big amounts of oil, it looks greasy directly, especially at the scalp. It’s also kind of “slippery”, do ups fall down in no time. It has to be managed wet, styling it dry is impossible (I jokingly call my hair my flyaway steel springs, it’s really the best description for it).
My scalp is a case of it’s own. It’s very sensitive, both to different products and to getting too dried out - which ironically makes it greasy since it starts stress producing sebum within a day. Well, that was the case before I started adjusting my hair routine anyways. Nowadays I wash my hair every 4 - 5 days.

These are the things that I have found working really well on my hair and scalp:

  • A mix of coconut oil and avocado oil infused with rosemary put in the ends as long time as I can before washing my hair, which usually tbh means right before washing. Pure coconut oil works good as well. I only put it on the ends, cause that’s really the only part of my hair that needs it. When I feel the need for a real deep treatment I make sure to put it in for a few hours. I rarely sleep with it for exactly the same reason irmar mentions - too much of a hassle. I do the deep treatment when it feels like it’s needed, which means often in the winter, but only at times during summer.
    I’ve tried oils in my scalp, but if I don’t wash it out well enough, it ends up looking greasy. On the other hand, if I wash the oil out too harshly, it makes my scalp counterreact like mentioned above -> greasy result again within a day. Coconut oil is still the oil that has worked best with my scalp, but I can’t seem to get the formula right, so I’ve given it up for now.

  • When it comes to washing my hair, the no 1 priority is to not dry out my scalp too much, but still get a freshlooking hair. Washing with gentle products has turned out to work the best for me. During winter, when the air where I live can get extremely dry, I sometimes CO-wash (conditioner only) with a glycerinfree conditioner, mostly for the sake of my scalp. The rest of the year I nowadays either rye flour wash or SLS-free wash my hair. My hair, and especially my scalp, really likes rye flour washing, so I do that when I have time. It doesn’t dry out my scalp, and I feel like it also adds body to my hair (even though in my case that’s not really needed). But since I’m often in a rush I often end up washing my hair with SLS-free organic shampoo, which works almost as fine. My hair doesn’t care so much if it’s SLS-free, but my scalp really does. SLS is too harsh for it. I also normally put some conditioner on my ends (oil rich in winter, and glycerin rich in summer).

  • I always finish off with rinsing my hair in cold water. It really adds shine to my hair. I’ve tried vinegar wash, but it didn’t really do much for my hair in the shine department or to prevent ichyness in my scalp, but this is different from person to person I think. I know people who swear by it and say it makes all the difference to them.

  • Now here comes the thing I’m still trying to figure out: the drying and styling!
    I’ve tried just letting it airdry without brushing it - I end up looking lika a witch, I can’t go to work like that. Which is what I have to do if I wash it in the morning since it takes hours to dry. Washing the hair in the evening helps nothing, since my hair is unstylable if not styled wet, as mentioned before. Trying to fix that mess of a scalp in the morning ends up looking not so good. Besides, sleeping on it like that, unbrushed and wet, usually ends up creating some heavy mats in my hair, which isn’t good for the hair. But I also know that brushing it wet is harmful to the hair, so is using a hairdryer.
    Solution: Bought a hairdryer that has a really cold setting and I use that to blowdry my hair almost dry, but only at the scalp, since that’s the area that ends up a mess. Then I comb the rest through with my fingers and comb it properly once it’s dry. It’s a compromise, but it’s the best I’ve come up with so far to take some care of my hair and at the same time look halfway decent.

  • If I want to enhance my waves and make them last longer, then I put in flax-seed gel in the hair. You can put it in wet or dry, just like with normal hair gel. I make it myself, it really easy, and it’s the best hair gel I’ve ever tried, and totally natural. It also adds shine to the hair. :heart_eyes:


I’ve never been able to get long hair because of my dry, split ends kept breaking off. Knowing it was shampoo that dried out my hair I tried so many that claims to hydrate but didn’t. Not even close.
Then I tried Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and wow what a difference! Gone are my split ends and my hair no longer breaks and finally getting longer for the first time in my life :heart_eyes:


I learned more about haircare in this topic than any hairdressing session :joy:
Thanks for your tips!

Do you have some product names to recommend or do you directly buy avocado and rosemary and make oil out of it (I don’t even know how to make oil from avocado)? They might sell them in other countries!
Do you eat something special or do you have a special diet for your hair?
Is there a difference in treatment depending on your hair type?
Like wavy hair, European hair, Indian hair, Asian hair, etc. The result is not the same depending on the sensibility of your hair to the product you use?

My hair products sebum after 1 day. It might be because of the environment: pollution and dirtiness in the street, subways. We don’t have the cleanest subways compared to Tokyo! Or the shampoo I use? I don’t know.
How do you do during summer when you sweat a lot? I have to wash every day when it’s hot because the trains are like sauna rooms (wonder if sweating helps to lose some weight XD)

Even in winter? My head is not used to cold wind directed to it, I’m afraid of getting sick by doing that :mask:

I went to the dentist recently and she told me that I had to often change toothpaste like shampoo, because your teeth/hair is getting used to it and the good effects work less, so I have to change them from time to time.

I bought 2 bottles of different shampoo and 2 different toothpaste tubes to alternate in the same week.


I’m using Aussie’s shampoo, too!
I read the composition of the shampoo and found this about Sodium Citrate on Wikipedia.

“Boiler descaling
Sodium citrate is a particularly effective agent for removal of carbonate scale from boilers without removing them from operation[5] and for cleaning automobile radiators.[6]”

:joy: LMAO


Ah cool - did you notice a difference like me or did you have strong hair before?

That trisodium citrate seems to be useful for all sorts of things :smiley:


Mmm… I don’t really know because I was using a lot of hair products at the same time and I didn’t cut my hair since a long time. I can’t identify if it’s thanks to a product or if it didn’t help my problems.

What I have now is: not damaged young hair (near scalp), but more you go down and more my hair becomes dry, split ends and remnants of a past coloration. I need a good cut for split ends.
I think when you color your hair, you need to take better care of them and use more products for colored hair, even more when it’s chemical coloration. It does damage your hair and your hair shows it even 2 to 3 years later.

For Aussie: it didn’t work for the part where I colored my hair. This at least I know.
But I did a wrong decision when I bought Aussie, I bought in bulk for something I have never tried whereas I was trying to find The shampoo that will do for my hair. So now, I have to finish the stock of Aussie. But I need to compare more shampoos that will go with my hair damages.

At the same time, I used haircare nutritive spray with alcohol inside, so if it becomes dry… is it because of the spray or Aussie didn’t work?

I don’t know xd

But if a shampoo works well for you, just keep it! For me, I have to continue to look :slight_smile:


I use to bleach my hair and Aussie helped big time. My damage hair looks much better without split ends. But the hair that has been bleached needs a cut. But I take it a bit at the time so it get’s a chance to grow. My coloured hair is fine and I will keep colour my hair now that Aussie keeps it so nice and shiny :slight_smile:
Bummer you bought in bulk if you didn’t like it. Hope you find a product that fits your hair.