Halloween Dramas

Hi all, so halloween is coming up in 2 days, and I would love to watch a scary show or film does anyone know any korean movies or shows that are scary/spooky (not gory though) and would be perfect to watch on Halloween night. Any suggestions are appreciated, have a happy halloween! Thanks :slight_smile:


I haven’t watch it yet but my friends here recommend it very much so is my plan xD

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Chilling Romance is a great movie. She’s dark and gloomy and he can’t help but enter her world. Wait… we’ve seen this pattern elsewhere… in Master’s Sun.

You will love this movie. It has all the ingredients: comedy, romance, horror that’s indeed quite chilling. That house of hers… brr… ~゜・_・゜~


Alright thanks, and yeah I watched Master’s Sun so hopefully I like it!