Handy- Google chrome--viki, Hilfe bzw., help? 😅

Hallo :hugs:
Maybe one of you can help me…
Is that so you, have to open viki twice, once, the viki app to watch videos, and just google Chrome viki site to use everything else?
Maybe there’s a get together somewhere?
It is grueling in the long run🥴
Does anyone have a solution from you
or do I have to put up with it?
best regards
Gaby :blush:

Nein. Entweder du nutzt die app in der nicht alles geht oder gleich über den Browser rein am handy

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I have a hard time replying to discussion posts on my phone, so I usually reserve that for my laptop.

I use the app to watch and update my collections.

In order to get to Viki, I have a shortcut already to Viki on my Google homepage. So, when I open a new tab, I can just click on the shortcut and it takes me to my inbox.

I don’t mind the format, it works for me…

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Thank you both :blush:
I somehow thought that there was nothing else.
That sounds interesting, I think I’m going to tinker with it, at least better than it is now … Thanks for the tip

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