Happy 1st of December! Happy Romania's Great Union Day

Today marks the beginning of a brand new month that just so happens to be full of joy and celebration.

One such festive occasion is related to my own country: Romania’s Great Union Day. :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles:

And how do we Romanians enjoy this special day? Well, thanks to my wonderfully talented mum, by having sarmale with mãmãligã draped in sour cream, of course. Feel free to add a chilli pepper if you can stomach it. I can’t, but it definitely spices up the photo. :fire::hot_face::sweat_smile:

Please join me in making today fun and merry. :romania: :heart:



You inspired me to do some quick research about this holiday you are celebrating and to find out more about this dish because it looked delicious. Now that I have read about it, it sounds even more tasty. Happy Great Union Day to you and your fellow Romanians!


Happy Great Union Day, dear! ^^


Enjoy it to the fullest! Wished I could drop in, and join the celebration, but mainly…:grin: to eat that dish that looks so goooooooooooood. STAY SAFE and your mommy, too.

Found this so true.
Why are Romanian so beautiful?

The 2 primary parts that lead to their amazing charm are their genetic makeups and also their lifestyle. Their great pearly whites, why are romanian women so beautiful skin layer, and also rather hair project plus all a component of their genetic makeups.


Romania’s Great Union Day. :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles:

Happy Day to You!!!