Happy Anniversary yay!

Today is my 7th anniversary on Viki and oh boy it has been such a roller coaster with many ups but also a good amount of really bad downs which made me think of leaving Viki for good but in the end I didn’t because I didn’t want to leave my friends.

As being on Viki for so long I saw many people come and go and I also saw Viki change from Viikii to Viki and from a .net or org. to a .com website where we can sub only youtube/dailymotion video’s to working with licenses whoa I still remember when MBC used our subs for the Playful Kiss Youtube version.

I first got to know Viki when I was looking for Goong subbed. Someone mention I should check Viki as they are faster then other fansubbers. So I went to check it out and thought wow this is awesome!

A while later I signed up and not long after I started to work on my very first project Personal Taste. After some years of subbing in Dutch I wanted more and started my seg training at seg101, I hesitated a lot because their wall scared me off. Was it not to hard for me?! But my mentor couldn’t believe it was my first time segging ever when I did my test. And when I was done and graduated from seg101 a whole new world opened. From being invisible as a Dutch subber I suddenly started chatting with other team members and such and even made friends on my very first segging project A Hundred Years Inheritance. I became quite good at segging and there where times I had 7 or more projects a week to work on.

It also didn’t take long before I had my first project as a CM: Emergency Couple. I was so scared! How to find a team?! How does this even work?! I decided to simply PM a bunch of people I worked with before and I had an awesome team in no time and had a very hard time to kep up with all the PM’s on people wanting to join… yes as a CM your inbox will be flooded quite a few times… LOL… Even now I sometimes miss PM’s simply because there are so many….

Back in june I finally met some other Vikians during Kcon in Paris which was absolutely awesome. It was weird at first to realize people where soo excited to meet me.

And here I am, my last CM project W ended last week and I’m waiting for Viki goodies to arrive after a huge delay of sometimes quite a few months.

No idea what I want with this topic hahahahaha but I felt like posting something on this day for some reason. Thanks Viki friends :smiley:


Congratulations Dudie!
I just celebrated my seventh too two months ago. Your experiences from finding viki to becoming an active contribution parallel mine! I too found viki because I wanted to see the first 30 episodes of Glory of the Family also known as Family of Honor. I was so fascinated with K Drama I bought a textbook and started studying Korean to Engish, then started to enroll in university classes. I volunteered to help subtitle Glory of the Family and then learned segmenting at Seg 101 too. We have witnessed a lot of changes in a relatively short time at viki. I too have made a lot of friends (like you!!!) and have been fortunate to meet some other viki contributors in person. What is amazing is when you first meet face to face and its as though you have known them for a long time! So let me wish you a long long time at viki!!


Happy anniversary! You’re a wonderful contributor to Viki, and I hope you continue to support Viki. :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful day today, and take it easy. :heart:

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Happy anniversary Senpai :heart:

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Congrats Dudie to your 7th year itch (:wink:), what a ride you had and hopefully it will be still good and exiting! You have seen Viki growing and made longtime friendship!! :blush:
I have known Viki since 2010, registered in 2011 and only in 2014 I started contributing on a regular basis, I too have seen Viki going through many changes Im still wondering if Im used to the new Overview interface :sweat:. - I made friends across the sea and have acquired a tons of computer/software knowledge as well as polishing my rusty German language. - I wish that one day, I can meet some interesting and cool Vikians in person! :heart_eyes:

Dudie, I wish you the best and say Thank You to your longtime dedication and contribution, you are a valuable member that left on Viki many footprints! :sparkling_heart: :tada: :birthday: :crown:


Happy Anniversary dear Dudie! Wish you the best and long life on Viki :heart_eyes:


Gefeliciteerd met je 7-jarige jubileum :slight_smile:

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Happy anniversary! I don’t know what viki would be without you, I’m so used to finding your reassuring presence on projects and feel safe - I don’t know how to explain it.
It is fascinating to hear the experiences of people who have been here so long!


Hi Dudie!!!
Hehehe you make a good cm and thanks for continuing to be one. :slight_smile:

I cannot imagine being here that long. i was too but as a lurker. you guys were active!!!

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Aw thanks everyone for the kind words :slight_smile:

@cgwm808 So you did start learning Korean when you where on Viki? I thought it was earlier because you know so much in different fields from medical, law to historical. Or maybe it just looks like it.

@simi11 I still have that sometimes too. That I think “Who thought this was actually handy?” because it’s so confusing and I don’t get the point :joy:

@sophie2you It happens before you know it really? A year goes by so fast and when I think of all the projects I work on I’m thinking OMG did I really work on that many? How much hours did I spend on all that? :astonished:

Hi, Dudie! Happy anniversary!

As so happens, your first CM project, Emergency Couple, was my first proper Croatian Moderator-Subber project. I remember those first 12 or something episodes being uploaded at the same time and the team putting out one-two translated episodes almost every day. I remembered thinking “I don’t believe it’s the first time she’s a CM”. Because everything went just a bit too smoothly, despite the late series approval. And I remember thinking to myself “I can’t let the team down. Must translate… Must catch up to them…”

:keyboard: :sleeping: :keyboard: Needless to say I failed and ended up finishing the drama a month later, but it was fun to try :smile:

Here’s for your next seven years, :tropical_drink: may we see each other on another post such as this.

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Hello Dudie !

I don’t know you very well but hey, it’s your Vikian birthday so :

:sparkles: Happy birthday to you on Viki !:sparkles::birthday::gift::balloon::tada:

:fireworks: :dizzy: Joyeux anniversaire Dudie sur Viki ! :fireworks: :dizzy:

Wow, you have gone through the years :smile: You gave us a little trip in time I hope you will always have fun being on Viki and that we will keep seeing you here ! Thanks a lot for sharing all of this with us and thanks a lot for being an awesome contributor ! (I would have sing Happy birthday in French xd)

hahaha I think only Spanish? and now certain Greek teams can only keep up with English with 24 hr turnaround @.@
Of course we fall behind!!
Dailies are even more so insane!

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I can do an episode per day, as long as that day is Saturday or Sunday :blush: Working days are out of the question. My brain is needed for some (occasionally successful) research.

Still, I feel like I translate faster when I have time to keep up with the episodes as their Eng subs are finished.

Learning Korean started with the drama watched on viki (of course) You’re Beautiful and the song “Still.” I found an internet site called something like Learning Korean through Music and it went through the translation of the song with some great explanations. So I started with an OST song!!!

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Congrats on your anniversary, love!!! :heart_eyes:

Congratulations Dudie on your 7th Belated Viki Anniversary! I’m sorry for not responding earlier as I’ve been busy with my schoolwork. If you didn’t mention your anniversary, I wouldn’t have noticed that I’ve been on here for 4 years already. It was a pleasure to meet you and everyone on Viki. However, your anniversary does remind me to begin planning for our Ninja Academy 3rd Anniversary coming in just 3 months’ time. Thanks for being a supportive friend and hiring our Ninja graduates on your channels as well as creating those beautiful graduate badges for us to endorse on our cover pages. Looking forward to our continuous collaboration in the coming years! :blush: