Happy birthday to cgwm808, a long-time Vikier


Joined Viki on June 13, 2009 (that’s 11 years!)
English Translator, Chief Editor, moderator, Channel Manager
Segmenter: Segmenting 101 Graduate in 2010, Mentor & Graduate Panel Member. Ninja Academy Sensei
Author of English subbing and editing guidelines adopted by most English teams at Viki.

  • 636,381 subtitles
  • 422,206 segments
  • 300 dramas/movies

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don’t think i KNOW YOU BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! this is for you to color



Happy Birthday to you! @cgwm808 :notes::dancer:t5::man_dancing:t5::notes: :gift::birthday::balloon::confetti_ball::tada::sparkler::champagne::fireworks::tada::confetti_ball::blush:



Happy Birthday cgwm808!!!:tada::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:


Happy birthday ^^ :tada:


Happy Birthday!:heart_eyes::tada: Wish you lots of fun this year! Stay healthy!


Happy birthday, cgwm!!

You are one of the first people I met at Viki and I’m so glad we became friends. :slight_smile:
You are such a special lady. Enjoy your day~


Happy Birthday 카니 언니!
Thank you for being a tireless leader!


Happy Birthday!
Dear cgwm808, wishing you a wonderful day and a good year ahead, health and a lot of energy, so we will be able to “see” you here at Viki.


Happy birthday cgwm808! I hope you have a wonderful day.:partying_face:


Ha ha, we all know whose face should grace this post!


Of course! Who doesn’t?:rofl:


Happy Birthday may 2021 become a good year for you :rose:


Wishing you a wonderful day! ! Happy birthday, cgwm808!


Happy Birthday!


@choitrio and to everyone else – what a wonderful way to start my day! Many many thanks to my viki friends from around the world, from each continent except Antarctica. Little did I know finding years ago would result in making friends with so much to learn from and share on a daily basis.


Unni @cgwm808 may your day be bright and cheery like the sunshine on your shoulders :wink:
Have a wonderful Birthday, wishing you tons of Happiness and Good Health, and many more fun years at Viki !! :four_leaf_clover::tada::sparkler::heart::champagne::sunny::clap:
Hug, Simi


Happy Birthday :tada::smiley:
Hope you are doing well and enjoying your day!
You are one of the few 2009 vikiers that are still around and actively volunteering.
See you around :raising_hand_woman:


:confetti_ball: Happy Birthday! That’s amazing!

Thank you for your dedication for this community and for Viki, it’s been so many years :beers:

Wish you a long life and an even longer road on Viki!