Happy Birthday To Me(smth interesting) :D

Wooooot lemme tell you something very interesting : -

On 22/9 its: My sister and SNSD hyoyeon birthday
On 23/9 its: Shinee’s Key Birthday
On 24/9 its: My birthday and Block B’s Taeil
On 25/9 its: Hyun bin birthday
On 26/9 its: My lovely actor yoon shi yoon bday <3
Now isnt that so interesting? God dammit i love september :heart_eyes: HELL YEAH LIBRA Lol


나는 당신에게 행복한 생일을 기원합니다! :cake: :clap:


Yay! Happy birthday to you :slight_smile: and that is a really cool lineup to be in, for sure!

Komawoo :smile: <3

Hehehe~ , thank yaw :blush:

It’s fate! I’m telling you it’s fate! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY

LoL, Thank yaw, of i forgot to mention, on 26/9 its yoon shi yoon bday :smiley:

Happy Birthday dear!!! I am sorry that it is a bit late!!! I wish for you all the happiness!!!

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Thank you <3, Oh no no its alright, tyvm tyvm, it still means a lot to me, even if its late hehe :smiley: ty <3

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Happy belated birthday to you @btslover :smile:

We thought September babies were worth celebrating too in our blog! Did you know these other stars were born in the same month?

Thank you @dee !! :blush:
Yeah i checked the blog just now, and i totally agree, most of the actors/idols were born on september including lee jung suk (famous korean actor) and Nana (korean idol) :smiley: after knowing about kpop, i thought i was lucky to be born on september with my fav actors :smiley:

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Happy Late Sweet Birthday
all my sisters and brothers born in Sep :sweat_smile:

Thank yawww~! thats so cool :smiley: Does one of ur bro or sis has the same birthdate as me? :blush:

I know it’s really belated but happy birthday, to all those people you mentioned too.^^


Awww ty :)))