Has anyone else noticed this? Youtube and Kdramas/animes

ive noticed that any moments or clips from any and almost all kdramas have been taken out of youtube! like, lots of fans who would upload their favorite parts of the dramas they have watched, the kisses in the dramas, and just about everything is gone! i noticed this when i went to look up a collection of funny moments from the drama “my princess”. all the videos arent there. then i looked up “funny moments of coffee prince”. also gone. ive tried all the kdramas.

not to long ago i was even seeing some kdramas on youtube, since some people would upload the episodes of some of the dramas in full, or even some animes that where uploaded with all the episodes, they are now gone, and the only thing i am seeing left on youtube that has to do with kdramas or animes are just the fanmade music videos. has anyone else noticed this, and does anyone else know why?

is it copyright issues or something? :frowning: now i am so sad not to see my favorite parts on YT anymore, and what annoys me more is having to search through actual sites while waiting through commercials to find my favorite parts. T.T :angry:

It mainly has to do with two things.

  1. Content ID Match: this means that YouTube spots a ‘match’ between a video and content that has been claimed by a Copyright Owner. In this case the Copyright Owner gets to decide what happens to the video. This is seen ALOT in K-POP React Videos. Mainly MV’s that belong to YG Entertainment. All the other companies actually take those videos as feedback. They tend to listen to the fans a little bit more than YG.

  2. DMCA Takedown Notice: this is the result of formal notices of copyright infringement from copyright owners to YouTube about your video. Basically your video get’s taken down immediately. You can send a counter-notice but usually people just let it go and make different videos.

Overall my guess is that they were taken down because of the pictures/scenes that the person used without “actual permission”

Note: It doesn’t involve Terms of Service Violation because that usually involves anything that has to do with violence, nudity, too “adulty” for YouTube.

Hope this helps answer your question.


It’s absolutely logical that Kdrama series and anime which are not uploaded by the content/license owner get removed since it’s against the copyright rules. And it’s also fair of YT when a content owner wants fan MV’s removed since they own the material.

But on the other hand that YT system is stupid because the following has happened to my video’s:

  • I had a timer problem so made a screencast for the help center, had it hidden for everyone who doesn’t have a link. It was taken down within seconds. I’m sure MBC didn’t do it, they have better things to do then spying on YT 24/7 and they didn’t have the link of course.
  • Some video I made of people figure skating on music got taken down due the background music. Geez I can’t help it they skate on that music I just liked their figure skating.

And more of those stupid things. But the funny thing is my fan MV and other funny video with background music are still there. I clearly give credit for the music and video’s I used though. But still it’s strange that those video’s are still there while the others got taken down.

YT always gives you a message when they are about to take it down where you can say it’s indeed against copyright or where you can disagree. I always ignore those, no use to ‘fight’ against the big companies. Ohh and some older screencasts I made for viki are still there. Maybe I should remove those myself :stuck_out_tongue:

@maruchi @Dudie ahhh. so collabs of funny moments and teeny clips of a kdrama are like this too? i thought that if it is just 1 scene of it,or a scrambled mix, it would be okay. thanks guys for responding to me! i understand it a bit better. what i DONT understand is, these tiny kdrama clips or animes were there for YEARS, why does it get taken down now? even the full-episode-uploads were there for years. its weird to see all this stuff up for reallllyy long time, and just about everything was on youtube, and suddenly it just randomly gets wiped out one day.