Has anyone experienced, " where at the end of an episode, it doesn't continue on to the next episode?"

Has anyone else experienced this, where at the end of episode, it just freeze there. Then you would have to scroll to the next episode and then click on to continue? Before, it used to continue on at the end of the episode.

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It probably doesn’t continue because Autoplay is turned off.

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More information about autoplay here


You can toggle the auto-play option in the settings menu (the little blue cog), exactly how Mary has suggested. Also, do you see that toppled triangle with a vertical line at the bottom of the screen ? You can click on it to go to the next episode. I always do that because I don’t want to see the previews. Oh, in the Viki app, you’ll find this option in the upper right corner of the screen. I hope this helps.

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I have this problem too. I always had autoplay and it just stopped a few days ago, even though it is still toggled on my account.