Has Anyone here used Line App?

I downloaded Line App yesterday becuase I wanted to get the Viki Stamp.
Has anyone of you got it?

It’s basically an app where you can make voice calls and messages for free.

What I meant was I did have the line but recently viki official launch the line app with viki stamp for free.
I downloaded it but I didn’t get the viki stamp so I wonder how do I get it.

Are you living in North America? The stamps were not released globally, only for NA.

Oh…I see. I lived in Japan, so stamps are only for NA…thank you for the info :slight_smile:

Wait ? What’s the viki stamp ?

If you live in NA you can get the stamps for free :slight_smile:

sorry I couldn’t find the blog post for the new Viki Line App…but they have cute stamps that I would love to have…but apparently only NA can have it :frowning:

Hopefully they will have global stamps too :smiley:

im am thinking about getting it can you explain the uses :smile: of the line app