Has anyone received this message?

“Pls, my sincere apology if this communication don’t meet your personal ethics, I have to contact you via this medium because I desperately need to get in touch with someone as you.I anticipated that this correspondence might come as a surprise to you because we don’t know each others but since it is widely said that the connection between a man and his millions is another man, I am here with a proposition that is ordained to connect us to our destiny. Now, someone I presumed to be your relative because of the similarities in your last names who was an investor with our bank but died in a plane crash years back has just come to the limelight in our bank because since 2005 that he died his portfolio and investment worth of millions Pounds has not touch because no name next-of-kin was found in his bio-data form, now, this investment has generated an accrued interest to the amount of 1.3 Million British Pounds because he was operating a domiciliary pounds account. The bank management has therefore authorized me as the Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance of our Bank to locate any living relative of this investor so that the funds can be paid to the family of the late investor who was from your country in line with the banking ethics & policies as stipulated by IMF. I came to you because you share the same surname with the investor, I will simply nominate & empowered you with all the relevant information(s) and documentations to enable you claim the money officially. legally and legitimately, if I don’t do this and inform the bank I cannot locate any relative of the investor the funds will be revert/re-circle into the bank treasury as unclaimed monies and people that know nothing about the source of the funds will spend it that is the irony of the banking industry which is purely aberrational. Contact me immediately you received this email with your most direct telephone line using my private email address stated below so that I can call and/or furnish you with all the details
Remain blessed
Lauran P. Conan”

This message is from http://www.viki.com/users/lauran999 @lauran999

No but I received this:

My name is Rubby, i was motivated to communicate with you after coming across your profile, i have an important and private issue to discuss/share with you, please if you do not mind kindly get back to me via my private email(let’s remove that) God bless you as you do so.

Dear please note that due to time and position am not always here on FB,kindly email me and it is more than telephone conversation, hope you understand,

It was send by http://www.viki.com/users/rruby_oso 5 minutes after she joined. I will ignore it but I’m still not sure if I shall report it because maybe the person wants to scam people who do mail her.
In your case I will report right away since it’s really clear that that person wants to scam people.

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And @shaldane168 receive a message like mine.
So be careful.

Could be from the same syndicate.

same here i got this but i ignored it.

I received the same message… i ignored it… is there somewhere we can report it???

I guess report it to the Help center, they may remove the accounts linked to this messages.


It’s another variation on the typical Nigerian Scam. Been around for years, but they never give up.

No. It looks like spam I’ve seen on emails though…always asking to wire money through western union.

I’ve received also a message from Rubby Jacquelin but I didn’t reply.

Yes, I received the exact same message from Lauran P. Conan too. But I just ignore it.
And 4 months ago I receive this…

My name is Yvonne, a single girl, i like making friend that is why i write you after been attracted to your profile at viki.com, i will appreciate if you reply me only to my email address ( yvonne44love@yahoo.com ) so that from my email i can tell you about me and a picture, i wait your mail .
Yvonne .

my email address ( yvonne44love@ yahoo.com )

At that time I didn’t write anything on my profile but I just ignored this message.

I always get some spam like that from someone named Adrianna…lol.

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