Has anyone watched Saijou no Meii?

Is there anyone who has watched Saijou no Meii (starring Saito Takumi) and would be interested in starting a channel for it? Or even being part of a channel?

Mainly wondering about Jap -> Eng subbers and segmenters ^.^

What do you guys think about the drama?

Doctors’ Affairs- Ishitachi no Renai Jijou

it is pretty good i guess it aired here in viki , , ihope someone made channel for this drama it is good alt talk about doctors beside saito , it will be awesome :blush:

I watched the first episode unsubbed…and oh dear goodness…the show is such a weird concept that I’m struggling to see how it fares out. You can’t go wrong with Saito Takumi though xD

wow it would be nice if we have that on viki. but I don’t think they will allow it cuz they only have networks with Asahi TV and Bee TV. Saijou no Meii is actually a TV Tokyo and it would be hard to get the license but you should cuz I really would love to see that here :smiley:

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The sad thing is that the DVD doesn’t have proper Eng subtitles…trying to work off that would have been wonderful but no…

The subs make absolutely no sense whatsoever LOL

Weird thing is I have subs in Chinese O_o when the original DVD has no subs at all.

I’m amazed no one has subbed it in the 3-4 years since its release T_T

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jap drama ,movies very great for me and few fans but actually you need try hard to find it , i hope someday see more jap drama here in viki

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