Has requesting a show not available in your region ever been successful?

I’m in the U.K and am getting quite bored of constantly seeing “not available in your region” for a lot of shows I search for, or recommendations here. I’ve filled in the request form a few times but I’d imagine unless a few thousand people all request it, it ain’t gonna happen? Cheers


I noticed when the new drama with Honey Lee (I forgot the name, I think it was “Knight Flower” or something) came out it wasn’t available in my region, but then a couple of days later it became available. So, sometimes maybe over time they become available? Although, I assume more people requesting it would also help make it available in a certain region in the future too. :smile:


No, requesting anything on your own seems to be pointless. I guess you need to find as many like-minded people as possible and then agree to all request a certain show.


If the channel for a drama is very new, has no CM, often no cover picture and it says “Not available in your region”, then it means Viki hasn’t yet finalized the license agreement.

Then it might still be worth filling out the form.

If it’s an active drama (has CM) and you still see this notification, you can send the request, but I assume it will probably not be taken into consideration until the current license is about to expire and Viki is planning to renew/renegotiate it. Which could take a year or even longer.


Ohhh, that makes sense. I was very confused how this particular drama was unavailable when it came out and then just suddenly available. Thanks for the explanation! :smile:


Looking into this a little further, it seems the U.S has a higher tier of subscription available which seems to be tied to Kocowa? Which itself, seems to only be a U.S service sadly.


KOCOWA is available in North and South America.


What is KOCOWA


You can never know whether a licence has been bought because of your vote or not.

  • You don’t know how many people have already requested it.
  • You don’t know how many requests are needed before Viki considers buying the licence.

Therefore, you you can never know whether your request is the 100,000th one that tips the scale and Viki decides enough people want it, and it’s worth requesting the licence for it.
So yes, I think it’s worth doing anyway.