Hatsune Miku Expo

Next friday will be the day that I will see Hatsune Miku and her friends live in concert. If you told me 10+ years ago I would ever go to such a concert in my own country I thought you where crazy for sure. Ever since I know about her/Vocaloid I was like “how cool would it be if…” but I always thought I had to go to Japan for it. And now, years later, I bumped into an ad on FB for it a few weeks ago and was like OMG!! :astonished:

Since it seems to be a really huge thing around the world, for the ones who are interested in Japan atleast, I wonder how many Vikians are planning on going to one of the many concerts this year?

For the people who have no clue what I’m talking about:


I’ve played some of the rhythm-based games, so I’m aware of Hatsune Miku and her friends.
Please enjoy the concert and be careful too. :microphone::notes:

Where is the concert taking place, if I may ask?

I’m going to the one in Amsterdam.
Tour dates Europe: https://mikuexpo.com/europe2020/
Tour dates US & Canada: https://mikuexpo.com/usaca2020/

Maybe there will be more regions, I only know of these.

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Thank you!

It was so awesome last friday. Lot’s of people in pretty cosplay. It was really for all ages from small kids to elderly. Though around me there where some people who went with their child and where like what the is this and hated it. And some elderly made fun of cosplayers and other fans. I was like what are you even doing here?! Go away if you don’t like it.

And this article (in Dutch) in the local news paper is bashing it, I feel sorry for the cosplayers in the pictures. They basically say we where all fooled, scammed of our money etc. And that we don’t really have a taste in music.


Haters are going to hate no matter what you do. Just ignore them. I’m glad you went. I’m sure it was really awesome. ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

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Wow, that’s cool that you got to go! My best friend absolutely loves Hatsune Miku, she likes to collect Hatsune Miku-related things. She wouldn’t have been able to go because she has a lack of transportation :frowning: So, I think that you had a cool experience.

Yes, I agree with adrianmorales, Haters are gonna hate. They shouldn’t have been there in the first place

Yes transportation is always a thing even when a concert is held in my own country. When I go to a concert abroad I always book an extra night or 2 at a hotel so I can turn it into a little city trip. I find it a waste of money to just go abroad for a concert. But when there is a concert in Amsterdam I have the problem that I cannot always make my last transfer by train. When I know I cannot get home for sure I book a hostel/hotel, if I think I can get home I still ask someone if they are willing to pick me up at that station where I missed my transfer. Yes you can leave earlier to catch the last train home but sometimes that would mean I have to go an hour earlier or something.

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