Have you ever been sick when while you make subtitles?

Have you ever been be sick making subtitled? yesterdayI was subtitling the variety program, hyelin’s daily uselessness and I was really bad, my god it was so much subtitles from the part I got, there were 185 subtitles almost more than in drama that I subtitled, I was in bad shape, with a headache I couldn’t stand up. what i would do in an hour took 2 hours, it really was horrible but still i did everything to make the subtitles look okay and i only finished when i watched my part and i was satisfied. and you? already been sick when you making subtitled


Please, please don’t exert or sacrifice yourself so much! In the end, we’re all fangirl/boy volunteers doing this out of our love for Asian entertainment. Take a break and rest!! I’m sure your team will understand.
And as always, thank you for your hard work!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks! I really think it was a malaise, you know, I study full time and then I’m going to have fun with the subtitles, I think I overloaded myself, I’m going to rest more and try not to overload myself




Its hard to make translate and make subtitles

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Not from subs but I had muscle pain from segging a few times in the past. When that happened I usually left the part I was doing and had someone else complete it. Now I’m taking better care of myself and take more breaks.


It’s hard if you are not proficient enough in English, but if you are; it’s a breeze. Things can get a bit complicated if the translation in English is not edited correctly, and sentence/subs make no sense, so you have to break your *** trying to fix what needs fixing in there. Then, you better believe is hard.

Also for unknown reasons some variety/music video shows, and even dramas have an excess of words that were not said by the person and was added to add subtitles count, and then you have to translate all those extra words, and it can become tiresome and even boring. Been there/done that; I speak from personal experience not ‘‘assumptions.’’

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