Have you ever been to... ✈ 🌍 & Cultural differences


Yes, share about your travels / good tips / nice places, museums to visit / words that saved you / restaurants / transportation / culture shock :slight_smile:

Have you ever been to… Berlin and Prague?

I'll go there soon for a few days, but I don't know a word in German or Czech (if you have a mini survival mode dictionary, like something local?), nice places I could visit or some good restaurants... Is there some "culture shock" that I should be expecting?
Something that I like on Viki is that I could explore something different and that I'd never had the thought of watching it on Youtube or somewhere else because I didn't sub/seg it.

For instance related to this topic, while subbing this video (see below), I’ve discovered some incredible things about Korea (like the way Korean drink, you shouldn’t shake hands first to older people… Like French people kiss cheeks or shake hands to greet people. I would have done big mistakes there!). I’ve never seen it in dramas, it was like a culture shock for me:


(Question for a champion: if someone could decipher where she was at 1:30, that’d be awesome, my ears are deaf from trying and only this sentence is left… “So something similar happened to me while I was in…?” Where was she??).

Now, I’ve become more aware of this, even if I stay for not a long time in a foreign country, perhaps I should put some effort, not to appear rude in this new place and try to immerse myself in a new culture :slight_smile:


Korean celebrity hand signals, and gestures. How many are there, and what are their meaning across cultures?

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I found these relatable posts, and threads, regarding cultural differences.

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I am sorry that I have not seen this topic before, were you in Prague and Berlin by now? Or not?

The link is gone from Viki, but the sourced video is still around. (⁠。⁠•̀⁠ᴗ⁠-⁠)⁠✧
Four years later, and we have time stamp transcripts. It sounded like she mumbled at marker 1:30. The transcript shows what she actually said, and then picks up at 1:35.