Heart Signal 2, I see only 14 ratings but it says 25

There are 14 ratings that I see. Why does it say there are 25? Are there rating somewhere else?

It could be they deleted some of the reviews. I just deleted a few myself but I didn’t see the count go down when I deleted mine. I had a drama that said 9 reviews-ratings but in the page we had only 5…

PS: Have you seen dramas that say 2,000 reviews? I’ve seen a few.

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Oh, okay, thanks angelight. I guess that’s what happened. I’ll check if the rating is still accurate then. Hopefully it is.

And no, I haven’t notice the 2,000 reviewed dramas!

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The drama W a week after it came out it had 2,000 and something ratings/reviews…

Now look: 39, 779. Is this real? lol

[9.7 39779 ratings]


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That’s quite a jump from 2,000 to 40,000. I don’t even know what to say except I don’t believe it. :grin:

Here’s something else I just noticed. When I choose the language filter it has things like this: Portuguese was incorrectly labeled as Cherokee, Corsican, Dzek, Dakhini, Japanese, Gan, English and many others. English was incorrectly labeled as German, Persian, Croation, Russian and Finish (Every single Finnish review is actually English).

Because it’s so easy to mix up Japanese and Portuguese, lol.

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hahahahahahaha that was a good one. so many ‘‘bugs’’ here at viki. I had to stop subbing bc it says I wrote a subtitle in a deleted video! Can you believe such a ridiculous thing? The screen (video) goes completely black, and when I refresh the god forsaken page my subtitles get deleted! Not all of them thank goodness for that. It’s such a pain to rewrite the same thing…grrrrr… I’m beyond furious and no where to go bc HELP CENTER no longer exist at this site. Well, it’s there for show only bc so far this has been going on for a long time now you write to them and the problem gets solved although it still there. SMH

PS W came out a long time ago and maybe that’s why it has reach almost 40, 000 ratings? But you noticed it never went to 10 you would think it would…

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That sounds totally frustrating. I imagine subbing is hard enough. I feel that only the poster of the question should be allowed to mark it as solved. That’s the normal way of it on other sites. I’ve had my own questions marked as solved when I felt it wasn’t. Also not a fan of the cheesy happy responses from admin that have exclamation marks because it’s all just so funny I guess. “Everything is fixed!!” and then later, “Sorry, it still is not fixed but we will do it soon!!” Why the exclamation marks when people are frustrated? I am paraphrasing but there are similar answers. :expressionless:
Or they say its a great idea!! They will definitely keep it in mind! Yay! : And then it’s never heard of again, lol.

I don’t know of course for sure about W. Maybe that’s why. But there are just so many anomalies it doesn’t instill confidence. And more so because no one seems to give a toss who could actually fix things. But okay. I have to accept that’s the way it is. It’s just too bad there’s not an attitude of wanting to make things right - rather than one of dodging and changing the subject or flat ignoring problems. Luckily the dramas themselves cheer me up. :sunflower:

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