Heart Signal Afterlife

A quick question: Do the media ever air/publish after-show updates on the couples for both Chinese and Korean Heart Signal reality shows? Am just curious as to how successful the relationships are post-filming.

You can find articles online about it, but there won’t be any more shows.

Thank you so much for your response @helenawang5717_57. I have tried googling but was not successful in locating those articles, did find few for Terrace House though.

Would really appreciate if links can be sourced.

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Heart Signal 1 couple:

Heart Signal 2

Heart Signal 2(Chinese Version)

As for the others, I couldn’t find anything about them.


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After season 1, there was a special in which they revealed some things that happened since the show aired. And commented on the show after they had been watching it. It was very interesting.
One of them said that after filming the show he got a girlfriend, but when the girlfriend watched the show, and him flirting with someone, she broke up with him because she couldn’t handle it, although all this had happened (during the shooting) before they met and started dating.

Thank you, thank you @helenawang5717_57 for taking the time to send the links. This is helpful; much appreciated.:two_hearts:

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You are right! I had this one episode, thank you.
Grateful to Helena for additional info received.

Am also quite curious of the Chinese version season 1 couples. If anyone has any info, kindly share.