Heart Signals (Korea- S 2) WATCH PARTY Every Wed/Thur @7PM Est


Hello Dear Friends,

I will be hosting weekly Watch Parties for a variety show called Heart Signals.

Heart Signals is a Korean Dating Variety show. It is not scripted and the show consists of 4 men and women living under a single roof trying to figure out their love connection, and about each other. Every night each participants send each other anonymous text messages to their Love connection. A panel of hosts/MC will attempt to figure out their Love connection for the EP by watching the same footage as we will be. So, we have the option to also play the guessing game ourselves to test out knowledge of love. JOIN US!

When: Starting 01/20/2022 Wednesday and Thursday @ 7pm EST. 2x EP per day.
The Watch Party link be posted in our Drama Lovers Discord as it will be a Private Watch party

Watch%20Party%20Icon EPISODE 7-8 :

discord-logo-png-7626 Discord Link:
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Event Link:

Show Info:


Watch party Link for Episode : 1 & 2


**Episode 2 Watch Party **


Episode 3 & 4 will be hosted on 01/13/22 @ 7 PM EST.

Watch%20Party%20Icon Watch Party Link :

Come join us in the game of figuring out heart signals.


Spoiler : Episode 4 Results for Heart Signal 2. Click on Blurred out picture to reveal it.


Streaming Episode 5 and 6 Tonight. Join us for another game of Heart Signals

Watch%20Party%20Icon Watch Party Link:

Episode 5 Results

Episode 6 Results


Sorry I had to miss the WP last night, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to make it tonight either. My real-life should allow me to get back to my normal WP habits next week. I hope. LOL I haven’t had much time for dramas/shows recently.


NO worries Happy. I hope all is well in your real life, and you are doing okay. We can always catch you up when you do have time.

P.S don’t click on the spoilers if you haven’t seen the episodes yet… Btw both ep 5 and 6 were SPICY!


I’m bummed I had to miss that with y’all. I will try to watch them this weekend.


Holler at me. I’ll join you and be your hype man.


Tonight’s WP: Episode 7- 8

Watch%20Party%20Icon WP Link: Expired

Results for Episode 7

Results for Episode 8


You are having fun with this - good for you!!!

Now you are back at the TOP!!!


aw. No one likes the doctor… Why? Did he catch cooties from one of his patients?


He is a great guy! We love him. the girls in the house are just weird, and he just hasn’t met the right person yet. >=)


It’s so sad because the doctor guy is my favorite! I would have chosen him in a heartbeat if I was living in that house.


Tonight’s Watch Party : {9-10} @ 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MT, 4pm PST

Watch%20Party%20Icon WP Link:

Tonight’s Game Board for the Night.