Okay so their is this new language viki introduced to the site: lolspeak
We haven’t seen this language being used much on on-air channels, so i decided to try it out.

I am the moderator for lolspeak (we will use English lolspeak for internationality) for Heirs and since it is a new language, i would like to hear if anyone has any comments or suggestions about the language, or would like to help out and/or join the team.
As you all know lolspeak has not specific rules or grammar, it depends on the the way you hear it, so i will have to make a few rules so that we all find it easy to do and also fun, without having to see your subs being replaced by editors.
We will need to set things straight at first so subbing will become fast and easy so hopefully we will be starting as of Monday max.

Please feel free to add any comment about this in here or to my PM,
looking forward to it, i guess it will be really fun^^

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I don’t really get what is it. It’s first time in my life that i hear about this “lolspeak” language. I am out of something?

Hahaha not really lolspeak is basically internet language, which is basically applied to any other language.
It is based on what we hear from a word i guess rather than focusing on grammar.

Ah, because we romanians sometimes are improvising the english subs keeping the same meaning of an expression or sentence. That’s happening because some english sentence are so long that won’t let us to translate in the same amount of letters and we have to short the sentence by keeping the meaning of what characters have said. Or because it’s sounds more accurate in our language, something like that. But still, first time i hear about this.
On the editors you’ll find moldavian langauge which i think it’s wierd because moldavian language doesn’t exist, moldavian people speak also romanian. But they have a different accent, that’s all and some dialects which could be taken from russia while we take it from hungarian or another source, but it’s still romanian the main language. Finaly, i guess doesn’t matter so much.

lolspeak, is it like slang, abbreviations, “texting” terms, that sort of thing?

@JPEEZY Yes exactly that’s it!!

@danylor it is not any language accent, it is slang words, fun cute words but that are written according to our hearing in a simplified way and more fun, well at least for me.

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I guess i get it know. So, i’ll check it out later. Good luck! Work hard!

Thank you i will try my best!

Oh okay! That should be fun and make subbing sort of faster. We would have less to read too. Sometimes I can’t read fast enough when there are 2 long sentences on the screen because the segment is so short. Lol

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Hahhahah exactly my thoughts, wanna join?

haha it sounds good:) Fighting !:slight_smile:

hahahah thanks sweetie;)

I still don’t really get the concept yet.
Is it like you write what you hear? Or more like when you hear bad English like when they say “lobe” instead of “love”? Or when someone goes “I will see you tomorrow” you can write “see ya” ?!

Probably the last one is the most accurate. it’s abv and slang and a bit of bad English, i am making a doc about it might show it to you guys later when i finish.

LOL!!! Kk should be interesting I’m not sure what site I watched an ep on where the subs where done in British slang almost PMSL when he referred to the guy as a Wanker!!!

Sound interesting… haha…

Join how? ^-^ Would love to help. I don’t know Korean, but I grew up with Slang. Sometimes when I sub (thai-eng) I want to use, “Whatchu talkin’ bout?” or “Im bouta go too” Hahaha I always want to use “bouta” or “bout” instead of about.

So I gather wafaahs hasn’t been active as of late?