Heist movies/dramas


Yes! In fact, my son is the one who asked me to watch The Fiery Priest with him. I enjoyed both. You and I seem to have similar taste in shows. I just now created a collection called “Lovable Con Artists” so that I can add some of these titles to recommend them to my kids and their friends.


Have you watched “Now You See Me” and “Now You See Me2” I love the magician con-artists. Not Korean of course. Or “21” I think its 2008 movie. Counting card con-artists I like that one too.

My brain started thinking of these. I like heist shows also!


Yep, watched both Now You See Me movies with my kids. I have to check out 21.


I love the heist/ con-artist genre!! This one has such an awesome team…no romance, but lovely family-like bond. Watched it for Song Seung Hoon and Krystal :heart_eyes: Loved everyone



@vivi_1485, I really enjoyed The Player too, and it’s already been added to my collection. I think I enjoy heist/con artist genre because there is less of the predictable romance and more of camaraderie and game of wits.

@mirjam_465, I saw the cover a while ago but had dismissed it because I thought it was just another revenge type of show but I just read the synopsis and it sounds good. Thank you! By the way, there is another movie (not exactly a heist) that has a similar “locker switch” theme and it’s worth checking out.


Ahh, it was here that Cold Eyes was suggested. I just finished it, it was really good. Thank you.


I watched it on youtube, and it was so good, don’t know if its still there

there is onwe I watched a few years ago, sorry don’t recall the name at the moment, but these guys banded together and stole Ice!


With your help, I was able to compile a collection for my kids and their friends. Thank you!


I WANTED A COLLECTION LIKE THAT!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I tried making my own but I hadn’t watched many so I was stuck…Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
*searches for a form to fill to slide into @choitrio 's ‘for my kids and their friends’ category *


I’ve watched so many that I sometimes can’t remember them all when I get asked for recommendations. This way they are all in one place.:blush: Check out the “Underrated Gems” collection, too.


Oh my goodness, I love this one too! Two movies with Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo young??!! Sign me UPPP!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Let’s hope they give me a better experience with Korean movies :joy:
However, Because this is My First Life, is DEFINITELY not underrated :grin:


You won’t be disappointed.:blush:


Midnight Runners and Suspect So Good!


I decided to replace Because This Is My First Life with Defendant.:blush:


Just started watching a heist/thriller series called Lupin (on NF) with the boys and it’s very promising.


I was thinking of watching that one. I heard it’s similar to La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) which is one of my favourite shows.


We only saw the first episode but I really like it. We will probably finish the rest of first season this weekend. I heard the season 2 will come out in December.