Heist movies/dramas


Although all three of my kids enjoy heist movies they are not as into watching K-dramas so it was a real treat for me when we watched Squad 38 together. Any other good heist movie/drama recommendations?


Hyun Bin Movie is Good
  • Signal
  • Tunnel
  • The Guardians
  • Player
  • Prison Playbook
  • Terius Behind Me
  • Mad Dog

This has a really creepy criminal but cutie lawyer.


I thought I watched The Swindlers but I must have been thinking about something else. This looks good. Thanks! I want to watch Terius Behind Me but it shows that it’s not available to my region (USA). Hopefully, it will become available.


My friend just watched Prison Playbook it has Jung Hae In. She loved it. I don’t know if its a heist but check it out. (I saw Con Artists it was really good)


I would prefer to stay with NF or Viki, legal sites without ads. Hopefully, Terius becomes available on Viki for my region. I already watched Cold Eyes, but The Good Thieves looks interesting. Thanks!


I like searching things so I tried to find you a few🤩

I did really like Kim Woo Bin in Con Artists I thought that was a good movie.


The Thieves. It’s a movie, extremely enjoyable and well-acted.


I am sorry, I am not familiar with the genre name “heist” could you help me out. What kind of drama are you looking for which emphasis is in or out for you? With or with less romance?

For starters something like this


Heist pronounced “hīst”)
A heist is slang for any taking of money or valuables, usually using elaborate means and for high stakes. A robbery specifically uses violent force or threat of the same. … It could be a burglary, grand larceny, whatever, but robbery means putting someone in fear of his life. A crime in which valuable things are taken illegally and often violently from a place or person.
It’s also a verb.
To take unlawfully, especially in a robbery or holdup; steal: to heist a million dollars’ worth of jewels. to rob or hold up.
a $2 million jewellery heist
Every 6 o’clock news covered the story about the bank heist in the nearby town of Mayville. …
Unknown to the guard, a bank heist was taking place right under their noses. …
An art heist at the Louvre seemed impossible due to the high security.

The Antwerp diamond heist, dubbed the “heist of the century”, was by far the largest diamond heist and one of the largest robberies in history. Thieves stole loose diamonds, gold, silver and other types of jewelry valued at more than $100 million.

“Ocean’s Eleven” would be a heist movie.
Ocean’s Eleven follows friends Danny Ocean (Clooney) and Rusty Ryan (Pitt), who plan a heist of $160 million from casino owner Terry Benedict (García), the lover of Ocean’s ex-wife Tess (Roberts).


So it is about robbery, not really other crimes like murder or corruption?

So maybe this drama would fit:

P.S. Maybe you want to look up the robbery at the Green Vault in Dresden, they did not state a number since there are pieces who can’t be priced in any way.


I am sorry. I should have been more clear and explained what I was looking for. I just assumed everyone is familiar with the term “heist”, which in its simplest definition is a grand scale robbery. As @irmar mentioned “Ocean’s 11” is a great example. I watched You’re All Surrounded already a while ago and I remember enjoying it. This, however, would be categorized as a cop movie. The big difference between a cop movie and a heist movie is that in a heist movie the focus is usually on the mastermind criminals who pull off the robbery. My kids and I particularly enjoyed Ocean’s 11 series and Squad 38 because the so-called “bad” guys are very likable as well as genius smart. Many young people (guys especially) really enjoy heist movies because they are witty and have plenty of action. If you haven’t watched Squad 38, I would highly recommend it.:blush:


Sadly it is out of reach for me.

Don’t worry, it is normal for a non-native English user not to understand it all, and not all dictionairies go into details, when it comes to certain terms. That’s why it is good that we have “Discussions” here, we can talk it out, right?

Maybe Beyond the Clouds might be to melo for you then, but I liked the brotherhood and sometimes rivalry between the “conmen”.
You seem to go more for the layers of comedy, adventure, thrill, …

I don’t think K-drama has much to offer, because most of them go for melo or dark.

Anyway for comedy have you tried Chief Kim, trying to save himself while playing good guy, when he rather wants to be bad. Or feisty Angry Mom, who has sad and funny moments? It might be a different genre, but something you might enjoy, a vague “might” though …


Yes, my kids and I all loved Chief Kim! In fact, my daughter’s boyfriend (who is not an Asian) is now hooked on K-dramas because of that drama. You are right about me. I think I enjoy comedy and action more than pure romance. Like you said, it is so good that we have this Discussions forum so that I don’t have to search everywhere by myself.:blush: I will definitely take a look at Beyond the Clouds. Thank you!


Not a heist but a cop married to someone who isn’t what he seems! I have heard good reviews!
Flower of Evil! I don’t know why it keeps showing a different language on some of mine

Top 5 Korean Heist Movies
1.The Thieves (2012)
2 . The Grand Heist (2012)
3 . Cold eyes (2013)
4 . The Con Artists 2014
5 . The Big Swindle 2004


Thanks for the list! I haven’t watched The Flower of Evil but it is very highly rated so it’s on my watchlist.


Yep, I love Lee Joon-gi He is a bada@# in Lawless Lawyer

I was just blogging on my Viki Collections and looking up photo gifs of Flower of Evil. It looks SO good!


Lawless Lawyer was really good. Did you watch Two Weeks?


As for comedy with con-artist trying to get into politics without being caught by his wife, a police woman. Have you tried this one?

Or the secret agent who tries to retire and live a “normal” life, a Japanese drama.


OMG, I loved My Fellow Citizens! I think it is so underrated. I will check out the other one. Thanks! I think I might be able to start my own collection with help from you ladies.:wink:


I enjoyed it too and the drama isn’t mentioned too often. I am sure you have seen these as well.