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I think most of us have heard of the Youtube Channel Asian Boss who are building a bridge between Asia and the rest of the world with their street interviews about hot topics, interviews with doctors and other interesting and heartwarming content. I personally really like what they are doing and have been a subscriber for years.

I don’t want them to stop but COVID-19 has a big impact on their business and therefore they need help and that’s why I decided to make this post here :slight_smile:

Even if you cannot donate you could also watch their videos more so they get more views which means more money from Youtube :slight_smile: #SaveAsianBoss

Please note: Viki is not endorsing or affiliated with the Youtube channel, Asian Boss, and the opinions or stances of Asian Boss are also independent from Viki.


I really love watching videos from Asian Boss, especially because for them, Asia is not limited to China, Korea, and Japan. Even I have been a subscriber for years. Because of this pandemic, I could not visit my grandma last year who is in Japan, funnily enough, we enjoyed watching these videos together online.


I tried to donate the other day but wasn’t able to. I filled in all the info very carefully and clicked on the “Donate” button, then there was a buffering of something and the page became the same as before, with no confirmation but no error message either. And when I checked the names of donors I wasn’t there.


Maybe you can contact them about it? If more people have that issue they might miss out on some donations. All I know is that is Australian dollars and not American dollars since gofundme doesn’t operate in Korea.


Yes, Asianboss is such a great channel and I’m a longtime viewer. So sad to hear the news, but I am happy that people are donating and sharing the story like crazy :slight_smile:


I wrote a comment under their YouTube video. I think they read those.

I had the same issue when I donated. My bank’s fraud department flagged it because the website was for Korea but the funds are drawn to Australia and I am in the US. Call your bank to authorize the charge. Wait about 10 minutes and then send your donation. it should go through then.


Let’s share some content I really enjoyed watching:

When they helped Madam Yoo who was struggling:

Where able to donate to the baby box:

Had interviews with North Koreans:

The interviews they did with doctors and other experts about COVID-19:

A man in India who gives meals to starving children:


Thanks @dudie for having the initiative to make this post. Asian Boss is a great Youtube channel. I donated two days ago and hope others will also. It is so informative and it isn’t only about Korea but features stories from other parts of Asia.


You picked some great ones :smile:

I also enjoyed:


Yes that’s also what I like about them. They are not focussing on one country but it features amazing stories about other countries in Asia. I really don’t want them to stop because we would miss out on a lot of good content other companies may not be willing to make.

@feyfayer good picks as well! And that Asian Squat video was so fun to watch, let’s watch it again as it has been a while.


:rofl: I used to sit like that all the time before I lost my knees in a card game. Didn’t want to get my butt dirty sitting on the ground.

He can’t squat sit cuz his jeans are too tight.

All those people falling over… You know how I cured my sister of that? When she fell over backwards, I told her, “You just landed in a pile of poop.” She instantly shot up and suddenly learned how to squat. :rofl:

Oh! Is that why? We sat on the floor ALL THE TIME!

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Just made a donation. I didn’t know about them until my kids showed me this video. I hope they stay around for a long time.


That pure Korean one was funny. It shows how much English has creeped into the language.


Yay, they surpassed their goal :smile:


Yes! I’m so happy for them :smiley:


Update from Asian Boss

I’m so glad they made it :partying_face:


Thankfully they were rescued by their subscribers, and other supporters. The Gates :open_mouth: seem to be a fan of Asian Boss.

Did anyone watch this post by Asian Boss? Good watch! She worked for Asian Boss.

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“Being Half-Japanese in Japan”, I really enjoyed this watch. Very tellin’ , and very informative :blush:

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