Help! Disqus is being unreasonable again!

I usually check my Disqus notifications and click on the “View in Discussion” button to go to the respective comments page or team notes page - then I reply from there.

It works fine on my phone, but if I’m on my laptop, Disqus asks me for some login. I can’t access any of my Disqus notifications. Please help. It’s been happening for a long time now.


Did you try pressing login? It might just automatically log you in, ik that whenever I’m exited out of the discussions tab for a long time I have to log in, and whenever I press login it just reloads the page with me logged in. Other than idk what might help.


On PC: this Login in blue box upper right corner usually happens when you have logged out on Viki and then logged in on Viki main page, when you then go into discussions you just click on the Login in blue box without giving any login credentials, it logs you automatically in.

On smartphone: using the notification likely from your email box… you likely can access it because you are logged in in the VikiApp… or does it work without being on the VikiApp??