Help! DongYi Subtitles are not showing correctly!

The English subtitles for DongYi are messed up in Episode 1 and it carries on into Episode 2 (at least, as far as I know). They switch from English to a different language that I can’t recognize. This is for both my computer and tablet PC. All my settings say English but an entirely different language comes up. Other ppl on the DongYi’s discussion board see the same thing so it’s not just me. I don’t know who to contact about fixing it or how.

A non-English subber probably filled in their translations in the wrong place. It happens a lot when English subs aren’t locked.

Normally, I’d say contact the channel manager or English moderator (b/c they’re the ones who can lock the subs once they’re reverted)…but considering how old the series is, I’m not sure if those users are still active. – I messaged the manager already, in any case.

You can change the subs back if you go into the sub editor / bulk translation. In the sub editor, there’s a “+#” button on each sub; when you click it, all the past revisions of the sub show up. Just click the newest English sub and save. In the bulk translator, just click the sub for revisions, etc.
I’m waiting on dinner, so I started reverting subs for episode 1. Feel free to help out?