Help for the popular Spanish TV-drama "Grand Hotel" is needed!


We are currently looking for help to get the Spanish TV drama “Grand Hotel” ( subbed from Spanish to English and more languages. Segmenters, subbers and moderators are wanted to get this amazing drama subbed.
Please contact Amelie3 or Lala366 to join the team.

“Murder and intrigue come to the Spanish countryside in the multiple award-winning drama Grand Hotel.
Dubbed “The Spanish Downton Abbey” by Broadcast Now, the series follows Julio as he tries to uncover the truth about his sisters disappearance from the luxurious Grand Hotel. His search becomes more complicated as he falls for the heiress of the hotel, the beautiful Alicia.
The Radio Times calls Grand Hotel “deliciously moreish”, and more is on the way. After the dramatic cliff-hanger ending of series one, the Hotel will reopen its doors soon for more danger and romance.”



I’m up for it as a subber, just let me know if I could give you a hand! :wink:

I’d love to help. Let me know please

I would love to join the team too. :smile: I can sub from spanish to english.