Help get these dramas licensed (One drama Licensed)(One New Drama Added)

Request dramas here

Lee Dong-Wook - Jung Ryeo-Won

Signal (Korean Drama)
Lee Je-Hoon

The Village: Achiara’s Secret(Now Licensed)
Moon Geun-Young-Yook Sung-Jae


Neighborhood’s Hero
Park Shi Hoo, Kwon Yoo Ri, Yoon Tae Young,Lee Soo-Hyuk, Yuri’s_Hero

Cheese in the Trap
Park Hae-jin ,Kim Go-eun,Seo Kang-joon

Indiscreetly Fondly
Kim Woo-Bin,Bae Suzy

One and Only You
Hong Bin

Vampire Detective
Lee Joon ,Oh Jung-Se ,Lee Se-Young

Cheer Up! (Korean Drama)(Now Licensed)
- U.S.A, Canada and Latin America

Jung Eun-Ji,Lee Won-Geun,Chae Soo-Bin,Ji Soo

Secret Message
T.O.P, Juri Ueno,

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey
Song Ji-Eun,Lee Jae-Joon,Kim Min-Soo,Seo Yi-An,_Sweet_Honey

She Was Pretty (Now Licensed)
Licensed region: The Americas

Park Seo-Joon - Hwang Jung-Eum


I am a Lee Dong Wook fan so I definitely want to see anything he is doing.

Just added three new dramas will continue to update this if allowed .

I’ve followed all these fan pages and sent the request form but I did not find a fan page for Neighborhood Hero, but I have sent the title request form for Neighborhood too. Thanks!

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Glad to hear the one was licensed. I am really hoping for Bubblegum since it is starting in October.

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No problem ^^. If you have another drama you want to see let me know and I’ll add it to this list.

Added three more to the list ^^

I definitely want to see anything Kim Woo Bin is in.

Vampire Detective, a new OCN drama is going into production in November. Can it also be added? Thank you.
Here is a link to Soompi’s announcement from September 17.


Just added it ^^

Thank you!

Updated cast members on the drama Neighborhood’s Hero

+1 to this :smile:

Cheer Up! (Korean Drama)(Now Licensed)

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I hope Viki gets this. I enjoy Lee Joon. I am glad he is doing the mature roles now.

One new drama added-Sweet Home, Sweet Honey
One drama licensed-The Village: Achiara’s Secret

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Hello ! I’d really like to see " Century Couple" with Lee Da Hae on Viki. Can you add the drama to the list, please ?

Nice day

I did a bunch of them. I can’t wait for most of these.

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thank you ^^

I just requested a drama… It already had 14 episodes subbed on another site, but I guess they dropped it.