Help in getting more cdramas subbed

Please support in subbing chinese dramas that are not subbed yet.


I hope something is done about this bc there are some Chinese dramas I’m dying to watch but they have no subtitles, or the subtitles are going so slow I just give up on them.

We have great Chinese translators here, but is obvious they pick the dramas they like to work in only. Ironically, I find most chinese dramas/movies so full of violence and that’s depressing to me. I just don’t care to watch many of them either bc their endings are always very tragic. I just finished watching a Chinese drama where they killed at the end, the one person I wanted to see survive. GRRR!

I subbed in Spanish SANCTUARY and I spend more time crying than I did enjoying the drama. In that case since it was based on a real life story, I understood so much violence but many others, I just don’t bother with since is a fictional story, tragic endings all the times are so ridiculous!

I loved Ice fantasy but when it got to the point were everyone was getting killed, I was so turned off I just watched the ending. I was not happy with the ending either.

I think the Chinese Korean Hallyu conflict that recently was resolved will move things along and we’ll see more chinese dramas/movies subbed here ar RAKUTENVIKI site

. I hope many more NEW Chinese-English translators join the teams and we/ I, can finally see the type of dramas I really like Kung Fu Mother in law.