Help me find this drama!

Hello everybody, I need your help!
I have been looking for this drama for so long and I exhausted every method while searching for this drama before I headed here.
I hope someone can remember the name of this Kdrama that I’m desperately looking for.

The quick rundown~

This rich man falls into some debt/ shady business and becomes heavily involved In some type of gang that soon goes after him.
They find no weakness except for the girl he falls in love within the beginning of the show so they start to go after her in hopes to get him to break while he does everything he can to protect her.
There are a lot of steamy moments as well as fights that break out.


Sounds interesting. I don’t recall a K with such a plot. I want to know, too. :slight_smile:

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:thinking: Maybe

Do you remember a particular scene?


Sounds sort of like, Cruel City/Heartless City.

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when a man falls in love sounds like it, or two weeks

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