Help me please

i dont know where to go so i came here. i just paid for this service and even though my account says i have plus the get viki noe button is still there and when i try to watch a video it says its blocked and to subscribe…but i am subscribed!! and the video that do play show ads. i even tried to resubscribe to plus again but i cant because when i try it say I"M ALREADY A SUSCRIBER!!! WTF!!! and the help section is…well helpless and they have NO contact info on their help page. i feel scammed. they took my money and didnt give me what i paid for.

Hi there!
Have you tried these?

Well about the contact info, the help page is the way to contact them either openly or as a request, but since it is the weekend now, there might not be an answer before Monday.
You didn’t write what device you are using I took both posts up, maybe this is already the info you need, if not please let us know if you use a computer or a different device to watch Viki.

If I were you, I would first try to log out and then log back in.


Mine didn’t work until I logged out and then back in like Bozoli said.

Thanks for advice from everyone. its more than rakuten has done. so yes i have tried logginig in Aand out i am using a roku and i have even deleted the app and reloaded it. the only thing that has changed is the "get viki now tab is gone but i still cant watch anything that is on viki pass.

Did you subscribe through the website or your mobile account (Google/Apple id) ?

{Did you subscribe through the website or your mobile account (Google/Apple id) ?}
website then linked my roku app but problems is on both platforms

thank you for everyone trying to help app and account is working now. not sure why no one ever contacted me

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I’m glad it’s working now. Unfortunately, it takes about 2 weeks for Viki to respond to any issues or inquiries.

Just a wild guess, but sometimes it’s a question of cache. Logging out is not enough, one should delete history, cookies and clear cache.
Many, many times in the past years people who should be getting something, be it a badge or QC or viki pass or whatever, complained that it doesn’t show, and when they cleared cookies and cache everything was solved.

My boss at work: “Haven’t you updated our website as I told you to?”
Me: “Of course I did. Since yesterday”
My boss: “I just visited, I still see the old info”
Me: “Clear your history, cookies and cache”.
Boss: “Oops. Changes are showing now. Sorry”.

I don’t know whether it was your case or not, of course. Just throwing the idea there, for anyone else reading this in the future. First try this before doing anything else. Log off, delete all traces from browser, close browser to be 100% sure, then open it and login again. If this doesn’t help, THEN contact help center. They will tell you to do this anyway, so why not do it beforehand?

Imar. thanks for the advice and trying to help others as well. and as i said my account is working again however i did nothing other than sign in ond out and nothing happened it started working the next day after i did nothing to my account. and i may be wrong but your solutions are for problems with your viewing on your pc using a browser. my problem affecting ALL platforms including my roku app. so there was no “cache or cookies” to clear on a roku and i didnt shut off my roku or do anything to it but that also started working the next morning . so still not sure why it suddenly started working but just glad it did. and thanks again to everyone trying to help. the community here has always been more useful than viki themselves and i for 1 only came back due to the community’s willing to help others.

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