HELP! Need help with ideas for 4 Minute Speech on Kpop

So this is basically what’s going on. I’m in my high school’s Forensics club, and the event I’m participating in is the 4 Minute Speech. My topic for the event, which I’m surprised they actually passed, is K-pop. The speech has to be informative, on a “worthy” topic, and can be slightly persuasive (best not).

I’ve talked to my coach, and somehow, with absolutely no knowledge on K-pop, she narrowed the three main points down to culture/respect, strictness/freedom, and finally how and where you can find K-pop.

To be honest, I do not think these three points will be quite interesting enough to grab the judges’ attention, and keep their attention. The points don’t fully grasp just what K-pop IS. The last point I can answer in like two sentences, the big answer would be YouTube.

So I need help deciding just WHAT I should talk about. Obviously, I only have four minutes. One minute for each of the four topics. The other minute will be the intro and the conclusion.
I would appreciate some opinions, ideas, and advices. For K-pop fans, what would be some things in K-pop you would introduce and explain to other people to interest them? For people who are not familiar with K-pop, what would be some things that would interest you?

In addition, I need to have a catch in my intro. I was planning on using Gangnam Style since I assumed that almost everyone would have at least heard of it before. But lo and behold, my coach has no idea what Gangnam Style even is… What are some striking things in K-pop that you would probably not see anywhere else, or just something interesting. An idea I had was the synchronized dancing that’s basically required for any K-pop group.

Thank you!! ^^

I think what you should ask yourself is basically, what about kpop personally grabs you? Does it make you happy? Inspire you? What draws you in/makes it addictive? If you’re not sure, you can search for articles on kpop on google and see what other kpop addicts have cited. Also, re-watch your favorite kpop videos and write down key words that describe what makes your heart flutter. Is it the synchronized dancing? The upbeat lyrics? Making a speech more personal is actually more effective. Good luck!!! :smiley:

To be honest I think those points your coach suggested are quite good.

I mean why is Kpop different from mainstream music next to the fact it’s in Korean. Next to that you can talk about clothing, looks or why that one video of Psy and other music video’s where banned.

Yeah it might take some research but I guess you want to make them think like „ohh that’s pretty interesting” instead of „ohh it sounds nice but they all look the same”.

Good luck on your subject.