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It will be the role of his life. Guen Bae (Sean Dulake) has always had a talent for impersonating celebrities and transforming himself into different characters. But he can never live up to the standards of his smart, older brother in his mother’s eyes, so he runs away from home and finds success working as a disguise artist. One day when Guen Bae discovers his dead older brother’s body, his first instinct is to call the police. But a second thought comes to him that gives his meaningless life a new sense of direction and purpose. He decides to take on his brother’s identity and track down his brother’s killer. But will he be able to handle the most important role of his life? “Fake” is a 2017 South Korean web drama series.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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do you have any info what this drama FAKE is about?? Folks send requests if they feel they want to see this drama.
What genre is it about and what actors and when will it air?


Exactly! The Viki channel gives no information at all, except for the Korean title and the fact that it’s action and adventure. Not even the airing date.
However, going to the Upcoming K-Drama page I found nothing with the title 페이크.
And a google search only wielded a 2013 film of that name, not a drama.
I got suspicious and took another look at the Viki channel URL:
So it’s a movie.
Back to the Google results.
The Fake (Hangul: 사이비; RR: Saibi) is a 2013 South Korean animated film. But it’s not the same title. We want 페이크 (peikeu=fake) and not 사이비 (Saibi).

So I wasn’t able to find out any info after all, even with my superior detective powers :wink:. Maybe the CM and OP also tried but were not able to as well. Although… the OP writing on the title that it’s a drama, means she didn’t even know that it’s not.

To ask for the license, more info is definitely needed.

And I have to wonder about the people who rushed to ask to become moderators in some languages, when they know zero about the project. Unless they are “action and adventure” fans, it means they are looking for… “just anything” to work on, regardless of whether it’s interesting to them or not.

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Irmar explaining very well. We’re means that in the dark yet. But thanks for help us.

Thanks, Irmar. ^^

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More information arrived!

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More information arrived!!!

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