Help with a drama title SOLVED

I don’t remember much of the drama, except that it is definitely a corruption kind of drama, and the big reveal was that the air purifiers made by that certain company caused respiratory diseases for the children who had that device in their homes. I remember there were secretaries and lawyers and son-in-laws who tried to cover up or expose (respectively) the problem. However, the chairman of the company didn’t want that information exposed since he would lose everything. The opening scene, I believe, is with an important person getting into a car, and the chauffeur was going to drive him to a political demonstration of some sort, but I don’t quite remember if a bomb went off…

I don’t want to rewatch the drama, I just suddenly remembered that I watched something like that, and after going through my list of Kdramas, I can’t seem to remember which one has that plot. Plus, I am watching The Lies Within, and I am suspecting the same kind of evil act.

The title of this drama is “Wanted”.


Ah, thank you so much!!

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“Wanted” was very good!
I don’t know if you are interested, there is another similar drama from 2019 that I watched and it was very good with a great cast. I’ve been a big fan of Park Jin-hee since “Giant” (2010) and “Kimchi Family” (2011)


Thank you for the suggestion! Yes, Wanted was a great show, very suspenseful.