Her Private Life - Opening Credits Song?


Can someone tell me who sings My Precious Little Girl featured in the opening credit of Her Private Life? I’m guessing that’s the name of it. Can’t find it on YouTube. Thanks


Is it a song, though? It’s not listed on the OST. Shazam couldn’t identify it, either. It could be just a jingle made for the drama.


I couldn’t find it either–that’s why I was asking. It’s very cute so if it’s not already a produced song, I suggest someone should record it. :slight_smile:


This reminds me of how people wanted the opening song for Goblin to be released as a full song and than they suddenly used a different singer for the main part of the song and everybody got supper upset and dissapponted, 'cause it wasn’t what they wanted (me included). It’s a tvN drama as well so… don’t get your hopes up too high^^


it is “I Wanna Be” from U-Mb5 Feat. KLANG (클랑)


The lyrics for that song make me want to vomit.
A grown-up woman saying she wants to be her man’s “precious little girl”? Puleez!


Thanks for finding it. I find it to be upbeat, cheerful and readily hummable. :slight_smile:


It’s a bit strange yea. Yet since the song in general is more cute and child like, it kind of fits the overall song image I guess.



Can someone help me find the theme that is played then Directer Eom comes in? It’s also in Fairy Tail Episode 67 at around 15:54 when the new Magic Council comes into play? I really wanna hear the whole thing!


Does anyone know the song played in ep 5 when they went to nho seok’s house? Lovelots^^