Hey, I'm trying to think of the name of an Asian drama. I think it was either Chinese or Taiwanese, but I don’t actually remember

It was a historical drama about a girl who infiltrates the palace in search of her adoptive mom s biological daughter. While there a princess who is set to be the crown prince’s new wife runs away because she’s in love with someone else. The girl stays behind and pretends to be her. Eventually she and the prince fall in love, and he finds out her secret, but they can never tell anyone or she will be put to death. I think the original princess eventually also comes back.

I think you’re talking about “Perfect couple” with Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang. It’s a chinese historical drama that aired in 2014 and has 45 episodes.

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the perfect couple did not have sub titles from ep. 23 to the end was very disapointing

yes are you going to finish with the sub titles

it was the perfect couple a Chinese drama can any one tell me if the sub titles are going to be finished