Hi! Drama like 'Goong' or with the poor girl and the rich boy?

Hi all :hearts:. I think the title already says everything, I would like something like this or alternatively the poor girl and the rich guy?

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There is Goong S too.
I know many dramas with a rich guy and poor girl, but I can remember this right now:
-Lucky romance

  • Heirs
  • Boys over flowers
  • Secret garden
    -Lie To Me (I totally recommend this)
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Shopping King Louie

Playful Kiss (Well, the gap is not that big, but it is part of the story that boy’s family has a lot more money).

Both of these are pretty serious but I loved them.

Falling for Innocence

Someone Like You

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Thanks! :hearts::heart_eyes:
Other drama?

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C-drama: Come and Eat, Shanshan.


Just head over to the Korean section of Viki, and you will discover they’re all like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m actually glad whenever there’s a drama that shakes things up, as is the case with Because This Is My First Life. :heart_eyes:

To give you a proper answer, I wholeheartedly recommend High Society. :grin:





Jang Bo Ri is here
I am not a robot
My Golden life



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Thank you so much to everyone! Other suggestions are welcome, you are very kind!

Hi I am looking for a certain K drama but I do not remember the name of it.
The first episode starts at what appeared to be a magic shop. There is a female owner putting maybe a spell on a cellphone. The episode skips to a homely college-age girl getting up and ready for school. The first thing she does is look at her cell phone. She has messy appearance. While walking, she crosses paths with a group of popular people. Although she feels like their opposite, a handsome boy in the group invites her to join them at a cafe. She begins to wonder if this is her chance.

That is all I got. The show looked really cool. Does anyone know the name of this show? Does the plot sound familiar?

Thanks alot

Kdramas are crawling with the rich boy-poor girl types. I don’t know if this helps, but I’ll recommend the Korean dramas I’ve watched that has this plot:
Boys over flower
My princess
Secret Garden
Cheongdamdong Alice
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
(Idk if this counts) Moonlight drawn by clouds
Shopping King Louise
(Idk if this counts) Sassy go go
My 100 day prince
Rich man, poor woman
Coffee prince
Masters sun
Dear fair lady kong shim
Cheese in the trap

Some older ones that may have been overlooked but all great
Flower Boy Ramen Shop
My Lovely Samsoon
City Hall
Autumn’s Concerto
Protect the Boss
Fated to Love You
OH My Venus

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Any of the versions of Meteor Garden, but the 2018 version is more toned down so it’s more enjoyable. :slight_smile:

Goblin :relaxed: