Hi, Wonderful Days♥

Hi, My name is Génesis. I’m 21 and I’m from Venezuela.
I actually know English and Spanish, some French too, because I’m studying Modern Languages.
But, my topic refers to the drama “Wonderful Days” or “Very good days”
Is there a channel? I’d like to join a team to subtitle that drama! From English to Spanish.
I’m a new subtitler, but I’d like to improve :slight_smile:
Thaaaanks! :heart:
Kisses & good wishes to u all.

I guess you mean this one: Wonderful Season (Very Good Days). Unfortunately I think it’s only for QC’s and the Spanish team is closed. Sorry.

Hi Génesis and Mya! :slight_smile:
I think Viki didn’t get the license for the drama )’:

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Hi Myriam! ^^

I didn’t know that, I’m not part of the team xD I’m friend with some of the volunteers there.

LOL!! I looooooved that gif!! :slight_smile:

photo tumblr_lj2uou6xyW1qbr9a0.gif

I’m not part of the team either xDD I think Viki didn’t get the license because the drama started today O: