Hidden Gems/Underrated Romantic Dramas


Thank you! I didn’t know all of them, but 1% of something and Just between lovers are one of my favorites tho!


I got you! I opened this thread because of this problem haha.

Uncontrollably Fond is supposed to be beautiful, but I can’t convince myself to watch it…beacuse Ive heard it has a bad ending. :disappointed_relieved: Ma heart will fall apart when a drama has a very bad ending haha.

But thank you for all of you suggestions. The last ones I didn’t even know but they sound really good!


I started watching this show a few weeks back, but… (forgive me for saying this) I just didn’t like Bae Suzy’s acting skills in that drama. I’ve previously seen her only in cameo roles (MLFTS) and for the split second she was there in MLFTS, she was good.

I left the show right at the scene where she is supposed to be drunk in episode 1. Aaaahhh, I scream!
I’ve heard she is a great actress and her dramas are mostly hits, but, ugh, her character (or her acting) was very childish.

To be honest, I felt, the girl who was acting with KWB in beginning was a better actress than her. And I kept thinking she is Bae Suzy until Bae Suzy actually came on the screen


You should watch it fully I think,
Drama was good, I really liked, actually I like sad ending dramas.her character was supposed to be like that.
Their chemistry, story and osts were awesome,I listen to them every now and then.


Why do you only post Korean shows when this thread is in the general TV & movie section? Shouldn’t it be less K-focused then?


I always wonder how they manage to find such old threads :sweat_smile:


Uncontrollably Fond I saw it twice bc it has my favorite actress in it *A Suzy Bae,’’ and it really doesn’t have a bad ending. People assume stuff in their head, and make ‘‘that’’ their ending, but in the drama’s ending, it shows no ‘‘tragic ending’’ like they did in ‘‘Marriage Contract’’ (another good one with UEE), that there is a serious health issue, but the end is not a tragic or sad one.

I think since you are starting watching dramas is best not to watch those kind of dramas, and stick to the romantic happy ones for now. I feel both dramas are hidden gems that were underrated but that’s me/myself and I opinion…


Imo, not necessarily. It’s probably what they are into right now. . .

Using Search, while searching for something else, or while perusing recommended threads. Not all old threads are irrelevant.


I stopped counting … Love it. Oh, and you wouldn’t guess it, those chocopies finally made it into a German grocery shop. I only need to think of Haraboji and get teary … What a family and what a story.


They are available in Germany?? Ive never seen them in any grocery shops here in Germany. Crazy


In this case I started to reply to you, I forgot to change the reply to person, sorry! :wink:


My Drama List Underrated Gems - Jdrama - these are not ones that I have heard of though
and maybe old - sorry - not sure these are easy to find :woman_shrugging:

My Drama List Underrated Gems - this might be duplicate not sure???

This J-drama is so darn quirky I could not stop watching it!!! And I fell in love with the dancer! He grew on me over time!

New one I think is so CUTE and under-rated


Have not tried them yet, and I don’t recall which shop it was, either E-Center/Edeka, REWE or Globus as I don’t think I was in any other one, they are from Lotte, so I am pretty sure, it’s that kind of choco pies. I guess they are a bit like our version from Weber.



I think if it’s about Kdrama it should be in that section/thread because otherwise it gets frustrating for all those who are not mainly watching only Kdrama…

Plus if very old Kdramas are posted here again they might not be available in Europe (that was the main reason why I stopped watching Kdramas here, all the interesting shows were never available in my region so in the end the result was that I was watching mainly Cdramas with few Japanese).


It is hard to just pick k-drama

When we are also listing j-drama and c-drama and t-drama in most threads!!!

We need a better section for these!



Maybe you can think of a solution to this issue since you do watch many different dramas/movies from China and Japan; which I don’t bc lately I mainly watch here at Rviki K-dramas. I used to in the past watch variety of dramas, but so far I check out what you or others recommend (from China/Japan/others…) but, it doesn’t ‘‘reel me in’’ [So far…I meant to say].


Have you tried 5 to 9 - He is a MONK - it is so CUTE! Yes, it has some Japanese tropes but if you hang in you see how sweet and loyal he is! I love it and he is quite handsome!


I will check it out. I started watching one you suggested (Korean) and I like it a lot! Thanks.


Which one!!! I always like to know what you are watching???


Did you watch the 1st MOVIE -??? So Good!