Hidden Gems/Underrated Romantic Dramas


Hello my friends :hearts:

Firstly I did not find a thread very similar to this one that is up-to-date , when there is one please tell me or link it :relaxed:
I don’t want to cause any problems at all!

I do love dramas that are hyped and that are known by almost everybody, but hidden gems or underrated dramas just let me feel different :star_struck:
So what are your hidden gems in your list of dramas?? I am very curious and maybe there are some I can add to my watchlist.

Suggest some new romantic kdramas please!

Here’s one, although it’s an old thread.


All I did was to put in “Underrated” in the search bar on the upper right hand corner close to my profile picture, and it found this thread and some other ones.

Instead of entering the entire title, you may want to just put in the keyword. When you put in the entire sentence, it may not find it if there’s an extra space in between or if the words/phrases are written slightly differently.


Ohh know I have found it…Thank you :relaxed:
But it’s not really up-to-date anymore…so what can I do know? Is it ok to keep this thread online or should I do something different?
Iam really new to this whole discussion game and I don’t want to do cause any problems…just want to find new dramas to watch and discuss with people about they opinions :sweat_smile:


Last time that other thread was updated was 2015

Some of mine above are ones that have some melodrama in them - however - all I have loved. Some definitely hidden gems


We have this thread also!


Whenever I hear ‘hidden gem’, this is the first that comes to mind. It’s not really underrated, as it has a decent rating, but I almost never hear/read about it either in reviews or recommendations. I really enjoyed it.


I have not watched that one - Thanks!


It is shot mostly in France, and they visit some amazing sites. You love travel, so I bet that aspect of it would appeal to you. The locations are almost like a character in it, and the entire ensemble is full of other great characters.


I also had a friend that loved this drama - have you ever heard of it!! She watched it like 3 times

oh and she liked this one
Happy Once Again


Here’s a trick… type whatever you want “Goodness in man” and then hit the spacebar. The result I want usually shows up when i press the spacebar


Ohhh thank you, they sound really really good :relaxed:

I heard of Chigaco Typewriter but unfortunately its not available in my region :sleepy:


Never heard of it before, but it sounds really interesting!



I’m so so so so sorry - try requesting it

Oh another one where there is some bad boy vibes too and I think I hidden gem!
Just watching Junho eat is a BONUS!


Ohh thank you Good Manager is already added, but somehow I forgot about it.
But Junho is just something else :heart_eyes:. I loved him in Just between lovers and I am so excited about The Red Sleeve

Ohh good idea! I could not find it on other platforms tho, so maybe requesting it helps. Ive heard so many good things about this drama and I am so sad that I can’t watch it. But maybe in near future I am able to see this masterpiece haha :star_struck:


Those terms are too generic so it may come up with too many unrelated/useless threads. I’d pick more specific keywords. In this case, I used “Underrated” and also tried “Hidden gems” and I got several related hits.


I just typed “goodness in man -spacebar-” and it was the first result on the list


That’s what I did before I even saw vivi’s post. Since all these words ‘when’ ‘goodness’ ‘man’ are too generic, those words by itself won’t get good results. So I typed in the phrase “goodness in man” and it found it right away.


Here are some hidden gems from Soompi!!!


It’s interesting when I google underrated kdramas, some of my favorite come up. Which makes me wonder what is an underrated gem? Is it one that’s not as popular as it should be for how good it is or is it not rated as high as it should be? I’m not quite sure, I just assume that the ones I love everyone has seen, lol.

These are the ones that are on a couple lists I’ve seen that surprise me.
Come and Hug Me (one of my all time favorites)
1% of Something
Flower of Evil
Uncontrollably Fond

If I look at my highest rated on my MDL list these ones have the fewest viewers
Five Enough
Today’s Kira-Kun (Japanese movie)
Love Me if You Dare
Sell Your Haunted House
Splash Splash Love (has a few more views than the rest but it’s so good)
XX (not X-rated)