Hidden Gems/Underrated Romantic Dramas


Re: Uncontrollably Fond. I would have to agree. It was hard for me to continue to watch because her character was just too whiney and grabby for money to suit my tastes. I did keep watching for KWB because his acting was so great and he ain’t too rough to look at either. IMO, Bae Suzy’s character improved towards the final 1/3 of this drama. In the long run, I felt that it was a very good drama but the theme was very, very sad. Too many people hurting/suffering because of unresolved misunderstandings, etc.


With 17000 evaluations I wouldn’t consider it hidden or underrated anymore, but it is a fantastic drama.


This might get over looked but in a watch party we had the best time it is really cute

and JinYOUNG is phenomenal

Oh yes - hidden gem - not necessarily a ROMANCE - a little not much


I loved the drama [THE DUDE IN ME] but there’s no real romance in there.

You guys might want to check this one.


We did this in a watch party and it is so good - loved it!!! :heart:


If you can ever do a watch party for [THE KING"S AFFECTION] I suggest you do. The couple are really sizzling and there’s two other admirers that are so cute and lovely. I’m dreading the ending but I have good vibes about it so far . It’s also a fun drama bc there is a mess in there that makes you giggle all the time… I’m making a request.

Done pls help and request this one too. thanks!


It has sad part like ALL Asian dramas but is hilariously funny. The combination of those 2 actors was a HIT for me. I loved this drama although I had issues with it. I suggest you check it out. This drama is in my opinion an Underrated romantic Drama but is more geared to the older crowd/no young love or idol to check.


I think this is a hidden gem as I’ve never seen any mention of it. I watched it last night and thought it was very good. Caring ML, goofy and bubbly FL. J-movie from 2006 but I think it is worth a watch.


Definitely underrated and highly recommended!


Maybe not Under-rated - it was highly rated -
but maybe some people don’t know about it
The actor from Nokdu is a gorgeous military K-9 dog handler
with a crazy case! The romance was implied -

Short 10 eps! Good Drama - just finished with @my_happy_place


Definitely a Hidden Gem - Movie!!!

Not romantic necessarily but romantic in friendship and love for family!


Not a romance - but a family-mance! This is such a hidden gem and worth your time!

Another hidden gem - with a 3 way BROMANCE!!!

NC-17 and hilarious - lots of language and crude humor


Oh, this one was definitely a ‘Hidden Gem’ for me. My Dear Boy a T-drama on NF. I’d been scrolling past this one for a while now thinking it was probably too Jr high-ish for my taste. Oh my, I was sooooo wrong! Older woman (30) - younger man (20) scenario. I did NOT fast forward through this one but enjoyed every minute of it! Great chemistry between all of the characters, good acting, interesting and understandable plot with only a few “what the heck just happened there?” moments. If any of you enjoy this type of genre, I highly recommend this one.