Hidden Love. As good as it gets or overrated?

Has anyone seen this drama? Some people are over the moon while others hate it. It is age, gender, culture who such extreme views about the show?


Hype can really go either way, you’re right. Personally, I started it and I love it. It’s a very feel-good relaxing drama and it’s very cutesy, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll like it. What I will say, though, is the main female lead is a bit childish for her age, so keep that in mind. But people say she gets better in the later parts of the show when she’s an adult.

I only like it after episode 5. The kid is too much for me.

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Hidden Love: I highly recommend. In the FL’s defense, we first meet the youngest version of her as an 8th grader (if I remember correctly). Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember being very mature at that age. Later, we see her as an 11th grader; a little more mature but still acts and does some dorky things. Honestly though, if you don’t shed some tears when the FL flies (by herself as an 11th grader) to the city where the ML is working to see if he really has a girlfriend and witness her soul-crushing heartbreak, I’ve got nothing add to this. I enjoyed this from start to finish. It is just a cute, refreshing, slow-to-develop love story. Rated G so other than some kissing and a couple of implied bedroom activities, it’s really clean.

I think the FL is the most real to life character she has played out of her shows on Viki. It is more true to life and natural. She is really young and I think too many Chinese actors/actresses are given wuxia dramas that are more complex than their own life experiences. Like to hear your thoughts?


I found the drama just okay. The plot is really nothing new. A story of a young girl who has a huge crush on her older brother’s friend, her “first love.” The friend ultimately falls in love with her once she is older and in college. It is a sweet story for those that like those type of plots.
Yes, the FL is childish, but then, who isn’t when a teenager? It gets better as she matures and grows older.

I think some viewers were just uncomfortable with the storyline itself of a young girl’s (age 14) crush on a much older boy. The ML never overstepped bounds during the time FL was in middle and high school. He kept the relationship strictly platonic between them, ML began to have a change and see FL in a new light once she was 18/19 and in college. I think the drama tried very hard to make sure that ML character was shown to have zero romantic interest in FL until she was out of high school and an adult over the age of 18. However, there were some viewers who were just really uncomfortable with such a storyline, regardless, and did not like to see what they felt was a romanticized storyline of a young girl paired with a much older boy.

I think the producers decision to cast a 12 year-old [in real life] actress (who actually looked even younger) to play the 14 year old version of FL character just magnified the uncomfortable feelings of those viewers. Yes, in the drama the main lead characters had a 5 year age gap, but when you are watching 2 actors on-screen who have a 14 year real life age gap, it can be difficult to keep that in mind. So some people were just turned off at the beginning.

I think another issue was some people disliked the source novel and this colored their view of the drama version. I read at another forum that the age gap in the source novel was 7 years and the FL crush began at age 12/13 years rather than 14 years. The source novel takes a more romantic tone apparently.

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I fly towards you it’s a very romantic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and comedie drama at first I thought it not cool but in the I was happy because they have a kids

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Honestly i loved it. Wish it wasnt taken off of Viki though.

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I loved it too. No love triangles is big. It’s my 2nd favorite drama I have ever watched!

Because sex is dirty or something?

Have you had a chance to watch the series and if so what did you think about it?

No, I just commented on that word in the post.